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Often work overtime how to keep healthy

Overtime psychology is very be agitated, the family is not happy. He had to work overtime, for various reasons, who have no matter to want to work overtime ah, unless you are very like job, who also don't want to work overtime to deprive the freedom of time to work overtime is in need of care.

Often work overtime how to keep healthy

1, try not to work overtime: things are done, time to call it a day, away from the office on time, don't delay.

2, adequate sleep, the midnight oil, or get up at five o 'clock in the morning to go to work, is not good. Lack of sleep can lead to creativity, low loss, mental fatigue, irritable, or sad.

3, turn off the computer, our life is not all the time need to surf the Internet. Sometimes turn off the computer, away from the screen, it will make you feel very comfortable, thought will be more clear, thinking is more active.

4, close nature: forget about work, get rid of the worry, to be close to nature is one of the best ways. Spare some time every day to outdoor activities, such as take a walk, see the trees and flowers, very beneficial to health of body and mind.

5, with family and friends: my work is very important, also not a substitute for family and friends. Spending time with them, makes life more meaningful. But to really put, maintain interaction, can't "in cao cao in the han".

6, a healthy diet: busy work let people enjoy eating out, health foods such as fruit, vegetables and grains to eat less. Make a proposal to go home to have a meal as enjoyment, at least once a day for the next trip to the kitchen. Most importantly, don't work while hu eat sea slug, which can lead to overeating and obesity.

7, cultivating a hobby: find some nothing to do with your job interests, will make life more fulfilling, such as running, drawing, reading a novel, or writing, etc. These pastimes can bring happiness to you, and let the body and mind into, fully relax and enjoy.

8, pay attention to the body warned: work overtime overload, let a person tired, not only also make the person become isolated addiction, the cold shoulder. If the body has warned that, your work should be "slow", make clear oneself sick or should have a good rest, it is extremely important.

9, self-examination: if work too busy, wait for a period of time soul-searching, look at your work status is normal. Once found too much overtime, long time no contact with friends, don't look at E-mail is uncomfortable, so might as well ask yourself: "I did it for the sake of what? So desperately health?"

10, a good habit: healthy habit is not night, every day a little change, persistence will have a big harvest. For example, 30 minutes of exercise every day.

11, to ask for help: if you think you're a workaholic, so best initiative to seek help, relaxation therapy when necessary, to maintain the balance of work and life is good. Life only have once, treat yourself is the most important.

Have same-sex behavior is not the homosexuality and bisexuality


According to the research of the famous Austrian psychologist sigmund Freud, each person may have more or less the same sex. So, bisexual people of the true population proportion, so far there is no real answer; Some advocates of heterosexual activists think the percentage is from 1% to about 1%, but that's significantly underestimated the true population of bisexual. In addition, in different survey, because the definition of "bisexual" is different, the results will vary widely. According to Freud's psychological study, social each per capita tend to bisexual, so with the same eroticism of the true population proportion, is likely to be full of social population, or 100%.

Gay people and bisexual people are usually in a heterosexual population, there are some can produce some degree to gay or temporary. On the contrary, many identity themselves as bisexual people, or tend to same-sex sexual behavior and maintain the gay sex, and at the same time maintaining the heterosexual sex or maintain long-term heterosexual relationships. These maintains gay sex heterosexual practitioners are generally considered part of bisexual people, or those who hide their same-sex sexual orientation, the number of this group will be along with the social for gays and reduce with the increase of the degree of tolerance. If the definition of bisexual to one gender preference are not more strongly than another gender preference, then there will be fewer people is fully bisexual people. Both bisexual men and bisexual women, they will be more or less like the other one gender, can't be the same for two kinds of gender preference.

With their gender, in general, the same people in same-sex sexual behavior, per se, is not necessarily considered gay or bisexual, but is only gay sex. Not all be attracted or maintain same-sex sexual relations of people believe that they are gay people or bisexual people. Some frequent same-sex sexual behaviour of people still believe that they are heterosexual people.

Bisexual and gay love


Live, some say, love around sex, sex will have love, such as sex, sex, sexual transmission, only can be in love, so sex is regarded as the whole meaning of love. , in turn, said, sex is the love, marriage is the beginning of love, divorce is the end of love, a family can read the time and space of love, having children is love comes down. This let me hard to understand the following situation, that is, when love go asexual or lost sex, also marked the end of love?

About love and there are many another situation, such as the love between the male and male, female and female, the so-called same-sex love between gay, lesbian, and bisexual people double sex, this kind of love is only visible in some countries, some countries are not on the legal recognition, but a real existence. Once said to me, a female college students in her school has a lot of lesbian, gay, bisexual people, most of them began to fall in love, girlfriends to figure, to the sexual behavior. I cannot predict and know, these people will develop what kind of a situation, a lifetime together each other, and that there is no marriage, family, some still cannot meet the generation of brood, this will have a happy? There are such as an affair, after the divorce, it give a person with more confused.

Said beauty is the true of love, get love, beg for each other to give yourself a touched, including appearance, body and spirit, of course also includes temperament, healthy and strong, and these are the eyes tell the sense that gives a heart. The beauty of the people of different backgrounds have different interpretations, because of the aesthetic idea of the heart, one eye can see the appearance, posture, reflected the feeling is not the same. You said beautiful, it must be a brilliant shine in your eyes, and heart also there must be a cheerful response, which may be determined by the ancient, the eyes of the beholder.

So, no matter meet who, whether gay people or bisexual people, whether it be taking or common, perhaps is a kind of unique appreciation, bone memory, maybe it's just an inadvertent encounter, meet to get to know each other. The beauty of the soul, not cognitive at a glance, and need to ponder in numerous ACTS, but this kind of feeling also can let a person produce illusion or misled by love. Then love RongZi beauty and spiritual beauty in view of who is more important, of course, tend to the beauty of the soul from theory, but a lot of people like heart and sense of beauty, also some people pursuit of the mind and heart are all beautiful.

Bisexual people

In daily life we can see examples of this, he said simple registration, general dating site will allow you to fill in the gender, and the content of the majority is required. , of course, the first understanding of gender is male, the female "two kinds, but the planet is there are some born different, whose fault it is not, I also don't want to get this problem of generalization in the biological field. To say things just said, this world is to admit that we have a bisexual people. Them or they are both men and women both sexes characteristics at the same time, but when they registered in site, they have been given? At least I don't really want to in the university teaching material in the face of it, even if some teachers think that most naturally also filters out, or just as a joke to display his sense of humor. But his sense of humor is based on some other people ignored. But if we really want to struggle, I also thought of bisexual people are divided into "tend to be masculine" or "women tend to feature" or a "double sex divide". If I were a bisexual people, I'm partial to loiter on the men and women, I just feel very funny, I have this right? This is the crux of the problem, but a website he could thousands of user registration, because the chance of a few similar one over ten thousand, I handle will increase countless, it cost is very high. Ignore is for the user, while is considering to myself I management costs. Should be how to deal with, I have seen I think that is wise, the web site with a "-" said in addition to all other men and women. And you can choose not to fill in the content, this is a kind of human.

Men and women of sex after all want to do

What will you do after sex? I'm afraid every couple's answer is not the same. Published in the British journal relationships, according to a study of sex after that time has been ignored, related research is rarely. Therefore, the university of Michigan and Pennsylvania evolutionary psychologist Albert college launched a massive investigation and study, for after we opened the sex, men and women.

Man does not necessarily than women fall asleep first. In the past, it is widely believed that after sex, men want to do is sleeping, so many men will precede the woman fell asleep. But the survey found that men and women fall asleep after sex rate there was no significant difference, sometimes women may fall asleep earlier than men. And research suggests that early sleep tend to be higher sexual satisfaction. Because orgasm can let a person produce a large number of oxytocin, easier to sleep.

After sex, men prefer to obtain material reward. In answer to "what do you want most things after sex" this option, the common choice of man is "eat a sandwich", "smoke" and "have a drink." Researchers analyzed, these behaviors are related to food, to enjoy, this suggests that men for sexual pleasure, more hope to get the actual reward and honor, in addition to meet their sexual desire.

After sex, women pay more attention to emotional expression. Unlike men, women after sex, still immersed in the joy, happy and want to extend the emotional, so they prefer to "embrace for a long time", "lie on the bed or a daze" aftertaste, there are those who want to "take a bath. Researchers said: "this compare with the understanding of the past, most women from sexual satisfaction than pleasure, it makes them become lazy, no longer willing to other activities."

Bisexual people and gay people easily infected with HIV

France's le figaro, according to the latest outbreak of weekly articles, in 2012, the French nearly 6400 people were found positive for HIV/AIDS serological examination, including 1500 cases have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The French national institute of health supervision (INvS) according to the years received the report, has made the estimate of the HIV/AIDS situation. Since 2003, the defects of the body's immune virus (VIH) of HIV/AIDS, the report will become mandatory and most AIDS cases (the height) of an infection starts in the early 80 s.

Between 2003 to 2008, the number of HIV infection had the very big margin decline, in the following year, gradually stabilized, but there is no weakening trend. Found in 2012, a total of 6372 serum test positive for HIV/AIDS, said 42% of the patients had sex, most of them are bisexual, in recent years, a growing number of bisexual people were found. Since 2011, the number of male patients with HIV/AIDS has a certain degree of increase. Those who have the stable heterosexual relationships, however, found the proportion of HIV is still very stable (56% of new cases), the percentage of people suffering from AIDS drug injections change also is not very big (about maintaining in the proportion of 1%). 56% of the patients with HIV/AIDS is infected through heterosexual sex, and through the way such as blood, genetic.

In 2012, in the new found in people infected with the virus that causes AIDS, nearly a third (27%) is a long time ago has been infected, just don't know. France's national institute of health supervision think the diagnosis of "late", almost all patients has reached the stage of AIDS, or CD4 cells are less than 200 cells/mm3. CD4 cells are responsible for coordinating the immune system; Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) will be involved in them, and their Numbers with the deepening of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection status will be reduced, if not get timely treatment. Today, France around 40000 people living with HIV, and since HIV epidemic began, a total of 88000 AIDS patients of France, and the number is very large.

Young people are most likely to HIV infection, especially young bisexual people: among the 2012 newly discovered AIDS, 70% are between the ages of 25 to 49 years old. Even if they are more likely to infection, but they also found that the earlier: the "late" diagnosis, mainly those over the age of 50 people, as well as in heterosexual men, these two kinds of people may feel that they are unlikely to HIV infection, therefore is unlikely to go to test, but this understanding is totally wrong. , by contrast, those who found HIV infection early in men, are often those who long ago with man same-sex behaviour.

Regional disparities are also continue to exist: you'll find the total number of population, the French island in 2012 found the number of people infected with HIV (account for 42% of the total), most the situation even so since 2003. Several other regional situation is not optimistic, for example, French Guiana, guadeloupe, Martinique and provence - alpine - blue coast, etc. And in addition, more than half of all AIDS cases are found (54%) appeared in France, the number increased than in 2003.

For one third of the AIDS patients, their HIV testing discovered the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the initial cause of signs (primary signs of infection or infection), especially those of heterosexual men in clinical symptoms. In those gay people and bisexual people, gay couples have virus checks are nearly a third of the patients due to blood test results. In the vast majority of patients (76%), with the help of the doctor, HIV testing were carried out.

Scottish gay and bisexual rights across Europe top

Scotland in Europe for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and androgynous equality in law status of the best areas.

Scotland in the gay rights group international lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and androgynous association (ILGA) released by the "rainbow" index level with 92% ranked first, above the overall ranking.
Equality campaigners say, the ranking to realize incremental measures on issues related to Scotland.In spite of this, they think, equal rights to reach 100%, still need more efforts.
For lesbian, gay, bisexual and other sexual orientation to minority rights activities of ILGA with index of the "rainbow" look at European countries to the related people in employment, marriage, parents, rights, and the bisexual people and transgender people admitted that its performance as well as measures to crack down on hate crimes.
In 2014, the Scottish law to allow gay marriage, making it the achievement on the index reached 92%, higher than the second British (86%).
Due to the lack of England and wales for the legal protection of the androgynous, and Northern Ireland "in a series of field failure on" respect for the gay community, the overall ranking in the ranking of this index will be lower.
ILGA policy and public affairs spokesman said: "the Scottish ranked first in gay and bisexual rights, is the effort of activists, politicians consult relevant people and through the gradual measures"."In spite of this, we know that, because for lesbian, gay, bisexual and his crowd full equality in Scotland, there are many things to do, we are warned against complacency"."At the same time, with the gay people, bisexual people obtain legal rights and fully affirmative in our daily life there is a big difference between".
Belgium ranked third in the index of the "rainbow", Malta, 4 Sweden. 5.Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine and Monaco is of the lowest rank.

Gay people and bisexual people

According to a recent survey shows that Scotland in Europe for gay people, bisexual people, transgender and androgynous is the best area in legal equality.
In fact, for same-sex couples tolerance are nearly all the countries and regions in northern and Western Europe, in 2001 the Dutch lead to allow gay marriage was legalized, including Britain, France, Germany, a number of northern and Western Europe countries have been on the same road.

Internet users are often dubbed the "corruption" support to Britain, British gay pop. Only a decade ago, the British school is not allowed to mention the word gay, same-sex partners can't obtain legal recognition, let alone with children. But that all changed.

Every year in February, the British LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender collectively) history month. In this month, the British will mark a variety of LGBT celebrities, from politicians, scientists, and to the famous film star in the business.
"If a young gay people or bisexual people know, there are also many celebrities like him, he could not so afraid, know yourself better, enhance self-confidence, a bisexual woman says that last year she was the most impressive is the British ambassador's residence in September held a special wedding: is the" bride and groom ": one is 50, the British consul general in Shanghai Brian Davidson, another is his ten years of same-sex couples, the 33-year-old Chinese men.

"I am proud, the British law now allows me to like other British people, have the right to choose love marriage with me. This is our country respect all people equal rights and a practical example." Brian Davidson announced on their site of meetbisexualpeople.com, and proud to have the label "Love is Great".

At present, the UK is one of the most friendly country to the LGBT community in the world. In the UK, 2002 same-sex couples can legally adopted children; Can be legally married in 2014. In the gay rights group international gay, transgender and androgynous association (ILGA) released on the "rainbow" index of the British came in second with 86% of the level. In the UK before is in Scotland, "rainbow index" in the region is 92%.

The British want respect for same-sex couples rooted in education. The national teachers' association annual meeting in April, in same-sex relationships naturally in education should be given a "positive image. The delegates agreed that the proposal for the rights of LGBT - government must deal with the school of the future of the grounding "homophobic" thought, for the 21st century to create a positive atmosphere on sexual orientation tolerance. The proposal from the initiative also hope that the future government "to make all school sex education compulsory to contain a positive image of same-sex relationships."

Gay people and bisexual people movie roles


In North America in 2007-2014 700 films of 30835 characters, dominated by male role, female characters not only few, and for the young and beautiful sexy symbolic role.

From the concrete data, the female characters is only 30.2%, that is male, the female character quantity ratio of 2.3:1, only 11% of the film to achieve the equilibrium of sex ratio from 45% to 54.9%. Among them, the role of 9522 age between 40 and 64 years old, female characters accounted for 21.8%, the highest and lowest 25.5% respectively in 2008 and 19.9% in 2014.

Before the 2014 north American box office in 100, there are 21 first starring film are women bear or a man and a split, the data in 2007 is 20, down 28% to 28% in 2013. Among them, the age more than 45 years old or is the heroine of gay people, The bisexual people number is zero.
By film type classification, animation film, female protagonists are fewer than a quarter of films, and flat in 2007, was 7.4% lower than in 2010; Action/adventure films, the data will remain at 21.8%, and the same in 2010 and 2007; In the comedy film is a little optimistic, actress rate can reach 34%.

Only in the big screen the gender of the consumer, has the "sad" in the data to improve, with sexy costume show in the film, the male, the female role than 8% : 27.9%, the rate of males and females have nudity is 9.1% : 26.4%, the temptation is set to physiological role ratio is 12.6% in men and women 3.1%.

According to the data show that in 2014 the United States on the list of the 4610 film box office role, not only 19 heterosexual, 10 of them are gay, 4 is a lesbian, 5 is bisexual people, and transgender narcissist (self cognition and birth gender between the sexes) the number of zero. In the 100 movie, only 14 sexual orientation content involved, and no one is animated movies. In addition, in the 19 than heterosexual role, 63.2% are men, 36.8% are women, from the race for the white 16, two Asian, African one.

These data are far less than the group in the population of the United States, according to the report of the university of California, Los Angeles, Williams college, the transgender narcissist is 3.5% - 0.3%, the proportion of people just 18-35 in the millennials gay people and bisexual people reached 7%.

According to the research data show that there are three phenomenon worthy of note: first of all, in the 19 than heterosexual characters, there are only two emotions portrayed with romantic and healthy life, not a gay and bisexual men role is in a stable relationship; Second, did not appear a pair of the heterosexual role as parents and children together; Third, a few gay people and bisexual people in the film are deliberately concealing the real sexual orientation.

LGBT easier to meet online harassment

A study of the Boston area, according to the results of survey of high school students with the popularity of smart phones, Internet bullying situation worse, especially for girls events increased significantly.

The survey by the American Education Development Center to the survey of more than 16000 students, points out that from 2006 to 2012 at the end of the year, students by network bullying rate increased from 14.6% to 14.6%. Growth of bullying and harassment against girls 10%, bullying is increased by 3% of boys. On the contrary, the proportion of face-to-face bullying has fallen by 3%.

The research data from 17 Boston area School students self-reported Health survey, will be published in the Journal of School Health in September. Experts said, the study shows that the development and popularization of science and technology, make the harasser often can be used anonymously, the spread of information more quickly, but also unlimited time place attack victims.

The paper author, schneider says, the real-time network bullying may increase the phone one of the reasons, at the same time allow anonymous Posting network, and information can be deleted after, are all risk factors for Internet bullying tools.

Boston against bullying, head together, Sullivan said he for network bullying increase was not surprised at all. Today's mobile phone and Internet use most of the time for the teenagers, and far more than a decade ago. And has enormous influence on the network bullying, once the message can't control.

Massachusetts in 2010, has passed the country's strict hegemonism ling laws and regulations, for faculty and students are the hegemonism LingPeiXun, and every school staff shall be reported to bullying. Network bullying is an important part of the law is defined as the use of technology or any electronic communications equipment for bullying.

The study also found that many teenagers have no in time to ask for help. In 2012, only a third of the network bullying victims will tell adults experience. The proportion of women seek help is twice as many boys. When they seek help, the more inclined to look for a school personnel, but they also don't want to tell their parents, for fear of parents will overreact, or confiscate their electronic devices. In addition, gay people, bisexual people or transgender people more vulnerable to network bullying.

The White House said biden announced whether to run for President or early October


Local time on June 24, 2015, in Washington, President barack Obama and Joe biden, the White House reception for gay pride month. Mr Obama in 2010, every June would be a "gay, bisexual people and transgender (LGBT) pride month", barack Obama became the first publicly support gay marriage, the current President of the United States. The picture shows President barack Obama and Joe biden at the reception.

Media reported Thursday, White House spokesman Ernest has confirmed, vice President Joe biden was considering running for President, believe him a month or so in the future will have a final decision. U.S. media quoted the democratic sources refers to that whether Joe biden will be announced on October 1.

Refers to news, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party outshine others, many Democrats worry too easy, she won at the party primaries will therefore expect biden challenge for Hillary Clinton. Biden had run for the President twice failed, served as vice President is also a frequent gaffes, image points is at a discount.

But Clinton's recent involvement in the "email" events, a drag on popularity fell, so thought biden is not loaded. U.S. President barack Obama have not publicly support any a candidate, but Ernest mentioned Obama has described was appointed vice President biden is the most wise decision.

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Why men love women's breasts

Click on my breast
If a man loves a woman, so she any part of the body, he likes to even want to go to the inquiry. If the woman comes down to the most attractive part of the decade, so, according to the survey, two percent of men will choose thighs, three percent of men choose back, the waist was the choice for four percent of men and five percent of men choose hair, seven percent of men choose the abdomen, eight percent of men choose the feet, hips was the choice for nine percent of men and ten percent of men choose private parts, twelve percent of men chose his hands, while forty percent of men will choose breast.

Women almost all know chest and attract men have a positive relationship, which is why there are so many breast enhancement product crowded in the market, and can let the woman pay everything freely. In fact this is just surface, women will never be able to understand a man's obsession in the breast, like a man can never understand a woman's shopping complex, they can all night on the soft, such as silky skin, she might be surprised: is he still in miss childhood scenes? Maybe, it's a perfect place, of the breast is a man of a woman's breast complex can never avoid.
About breast complex, documented as early as in ancient times. Europe had war broke out. Legend of war because of a woman, this woman named Helen, Herodotus says she is one of the world's most beautiful woman. The female is queen of Sparta, after been abducted, prince of Persia Greek epic, finally to Trojan horse recapture Helen in the Trojan war. The beauty of Helen universally acknowledged, according to Herodotus, the prince of Persia is mini heart secretly, both because Helen has a pair of beautiful can't wonderful breasts square thing.

Although later unearthed statue of Venus, the arm is broken, but two, the structure of the breast is almost perfect. According to expert measuring calculation, her breast in the position of the gold line of the body, and the prototype of the statue of Venus DE milo, according to expert textual research is Helen. Think about the fight for such a pair of unique breast beauty, had 10, on both sides, the men also value.
In fact, the man's breast complex and Oedipus complex, from a certain perspective, he was a continuation of the Oedipus complex, or the Oedipus complex derived a by-product. In the early stages of the people, I mean the womb from warm until puberty. Man's best to rely on, the most trusted is his mother. Imagine that you curled up in her womb for ten months, by blood; You drink her milk, and then use brought from the mother's immune ability; Continued for more than ten years, you all can enjoy, enjoy and all this, a large part of all attributed to the mother.

Mother is like a heaven rain as natural things. But at the end of the adolescence, demand, great changes have taken place in his desire for themselves and the body of heterosexual have a thorough and comprehensive understanding. Especially men, the instinctive reaction of organs, reflects a desire to return to the consciousness of maternal instinct. However, due to the formation of the ethics, at the same time, men have to curb their attachment to imagine. Energy in the process of stem, didn't get the correct guidance, will be rejected on the female body, into a bisexual or gay. Another most men would have conceived a variety of illusion in the broad ideas of heaven and earth. Dream to become the direct mapping of illusion. Objects into to the daughter of his age.

Men under the drive of complex, often imagine wife as saint, where they can get maximum respect, the greatest degree of satisfaction. Men usually imagine from between her breasts, will be in the whole body is full of vitality and self-confidence, because they just got themselves as men's dignity and ability.

Some men often compare a woman's breasts to is a man of charger, twin peaks like a is a negative poles of the contact, when you touched, it can bring you full of spirit and energy, as if is endowed with magic. Out no matter how many vicissitudes of life and suffering, it is can heal for you, for you to add beat up the passion and courage.

Six interesting new findings about breasts

The American medical journal recently published stories, a number of research shows that: the breast size can show a woman of character and way of life.

1. The breast is more than A and B cup, consumption level is high. China's e-commerce site, alibaba: a survey and cup size larger than their peers, small size of cup (or smaller) B the number of women to spend less. B cup of women in only 7% of people willing to buy high-end consumer goods, and D cup women this ratio reached 24%.

2. The breast bigger women eating disorders. Breast size strongly associated with women's mental health. Published in the journal of plastic surgery, according to a study of the large asymmetry of breast, breast, breast size exists obvious difference of women are more likely to self-esteem problems and eating disorders. Disorder that is because the breast size and shape of women's psychological and emotional lasting negative impact, and negative emotions easily lead to overeating.

3. Women breast big high iqs. American scholar at the university of Chicago found that female breasts bigger in IQ tests scored an average of 10 points higher than the other women. The researchers say this is associated with sex hormone levels, and it can decide the size of the breast. In addition, from the point of view of natural selection, high IQ of women, men are more willing to choose bigger breasts, as a partner, to ensure that the offspring inherit genetic advantage.

4. Breast big female fertility. Published in the archives of sexual behavior on the research results show that: like big chest woman men want to be a father's desire. This means that the chest is larger women having children physical ability stronger signal.

5. Breast small women were more likely to drink coffee. Published in the British journal of cancer research, said: three cups of coffee a day is enough to let a female chest shrinkage, the effect will be increased with the increase of coffee consumption. Researchers say this is because about half of women with a gene that makes coffee consumption and there is a clear correlation between breast size.

6. Do plastic surgery of women are more likely to depression. Published in the journal of cosmetic surgery: according to a study in the risk of suicide among women undergoing breast implants will be three times higher, the risk will increase over time. The researchers analyzed, breast augmentation surgery of women has been lead to suicide behavior of mental problems.