Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bisexual and gay love


Live, some say, love around sex, sex will have love, such as sex, sex, sexual transmission, only can be in love, so sex is regarded as the whole meaning of love. , in turn, said, sex is the love, marriage is the beginning of love, divorce is the end of love, a family can read the time and space of love, having children is love comes down. This let me hard to understand the following situation, that is, when love go asexual or lost sex, also marked the end of love?

About love and there are many another situation, such as the love between the male and male, female and female, the so-called same-sex love between gay, lesbian, and bisexual people double sex, this kind of love is only visible in some countries, some countries are not on the legal recognition, but a real existence. Once said to me, a female college students in her school has a lot of lesbian, gay, bisexual people, most of them began to fall in love, girlfriends to figure, to the sexual behavior. I cannot predict and know, these people will develop what kind of a situation, a lifetime together each other, and that there is no marriage, family, some still cannot meet the generation of brood, this will have a happy? There are such as an affair, after the divorce, it give a person with more confused.

Said beauty is the true of love, get love, beg for each other to give yourself a touched, including appearance, body and spirit, of course also includes temperament, healthy and strong, and these are the eyes tell the sense that gives a heart. The beauty of the people of different backgrounds have different interpretations, because of the aesthetic idea of the heart, one eye can see the appearance, posture, reflected the feeling is not the same. You said beautiful, it must be a brilliant shine in your eyes, and heart also there must be a cheerful response, which may be determined by the ancient, the eyes of the beholder.

So, no matter meet who, whether gay people or bisexual people, whether it be taking or common, perhaps is a kind of unique appreciation, bone memory, maybe it's just an inadvertent encounter, meet to get to know each other. The beauty of the soul, not cognitive at a glance, and need to ponder in numerous ACTS, but this kind of feeling also can let a person produce illusion or misled by love. Then love RongZi beauty and spiritual beauty in view of who is more important, of course, tend to the beauty of the soul from theory, but a lot of people like heart and sense of beauty, also some people pursuit of the mind and heart are all beautiful.