Friday, September 25, 2015

Gay, bisexual people, and transgender roles have the nomination of emmy

Emmy award in 2015 on the selection rules made two big adjustment: one is the best drama and best comedy series candidate nomination increased from six to seven; 2 it is to differentiate clearly the difference between drama and comedy drama show, per set length less than 30 minutes show as a comedy, while more than 30 minutes to drama to participate in the selection. Which hits "game of thrones," American horror story ", "crazy people", "house of CARDS," continued a walloping nominations, upstart "transparent life", "coquettish lawyer", the closest relative lineages are among the competition. This year whether someone will nominated or corruption to s, Amy ceremony on the same day also is someone not escape vault of hate.

Who is there to award?

The first batch of hip-hop couples
 Before television institute announced the first list of the presenters, the same way as you guessed, Fox television hot drama "hip-hop empire" of the two protagonists terrence Howard and tara, P Hansen, are on the list of the presenters. Other presenters include won an emmy nominations for the glory of the female maggie gyllenhaal, relying on the park and the rest are nominated famous comedian Amy counts, appeared in the navy ncis: Los Angeles, "James Todd Smith, as well as the NBC television network late-night talk show host Jimmy fallon. Television school will also be more list of presenters, the emmy award, "god of detectives" by the famous comedian Andy samberg was presided over by.

Nomination pearl?

A pot of stew is also go against the ratings
"Black series" the empire of hip-hop is absolute annual topic, but did not get tickets for the judges selected the best show, some people think that taste is full-bodied soap opera, but there are a lot of word of mouth good or nominated drama. This is a unique "family GongDou play music", to hip-hop (hip-hop) the world as the background, the protagonist Lucious Lyon is a charming, smart music superstar, entertainment company listed is preparing to lead their own empire, his ex-wife after prison and three sons with him for the imperial power by any means possible. Season but the play's TV viewing light achievement phenomenal ratings, all the way from the first episode 3.8 ratings falling market, more than two months ratings continuous rise above 4.0, only defeat to the biggest ratings of football sports. Actually the play in the family dog blood, gang story, racial discrimination, company politics, entertainment gossip a pot of stew, but also the most attractive music of high standards of production, the music producer Timbaland arranged for all of the word Song lyrics and original producer. Actress tara, p. Hansen nominated is a city back to the show, but the actor terrence Howard's excellent acting skills have been ignored, he and his sons were rejected. Although a lot of fans of the walking dead in visual and technical limelight, but still unable to be judges of water mark. The big bang theory and Sheldon Jim parsons funny level no less seasons, before this year is difficult into the clear, the most heavyweight awards nominations, Jim parsons also lose the chance of an emmy's first five crown. Has always been considered to be high quality play on behalf of "the good wife" missed out this year's best drama, "good wife" Julie Anna margarita silk is emmy, but the Christine ba Aaron, nominated for best female with the sixth consecutive year.


"Black orphan" she finally meet
Streaming TV play more and more popular, the judges also keep pace with The Times to choose from the "house of CARDS to the women's prison, though nominations with 126 HBO's leading, but video site Netflix also got 32 nominations than AMC television for more than eight. In addition the Netflix's new play "I this strong" in addition to the nominated for best comedy, there are four actor nomination, Thai tower, burgess, Jane cora, base as well as the guest show Joe ham and Tina fey. Most fans of Buddhism is the black orphan's tower Antioch, straw finally have the nomination, she has won two American comments choice awards, an American television critics association awards and two Canadian film and television awards, also won a golden globe nomination, unlike other big-name actress, she's popularity in the world is not high, but she plays the homeless orphans to act the role of N Angle into a dangerous mystery, also found himself and the woman are clones of suicide.

New style?

Gay, bisexual people, and transgender roles have the nomination
This year's emmy awards by foreign media comments as "history's most corrupt emmy awards". Transparent family "as the best gains high praise of the series also won 11 nominations, the play tells the story of an elderly father to children out of the ark, and gradually modified to become famous for Maura story of the woman, gentle tone to show to the audience a brand new theme series, including" father profession of "old play bone Jeffrey j." plays "transvestite degeneration dad" also had been nominated for an emmy Comedy actor. Also nominated for best comedy of the I this strong, nominated best drama has a personality in the women's prison in bisexual people won best actor/actress in a supporting role to mention name, about gay comedy "tongqi club", as the old play bone lily lily tomlin, also because of the perfect performance the gay's wife and nominated for best actress in a comedy.