Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gay people and bisexual people movie roles


In North America in 2007-2014 700 films of 30835 characters, dominated by male role, female characters not only few, and for the young and beautiful sexy symbolic role.

From the concrete data, the female characters is only 30.2%, that is male, the female character quantity ratio of 2.3:1, only 11% of the film to achieve the equilibrium of sex ratio from 45% to 54.9%. Among them, the role of 9522 age between 40 and 64 years old, female characters accounted for 21.8%, the highest and lowest 25.5% respectively in 2008 and 19.9% in 2014.

Before the 2014 north American box office in 100, there are 21 first starring film are women bear or a man and a split, the data in 2007 is 20, down 28% to 28% in 2013. Among them, the age more than 45 years old or is the heroine of gay people, The bisexual people number is zero.
By film type classification, animation film, female protagonists are fewer than a quarter of films, and flat in 2007, was 7.4% lower than in 2010; Action/adventure films, the data will remain at 21.8%, and the same in 2010 and 2007; In the comedy film is a little optimistic, actress rate can reach 34%.

Only in the big screen the gender of the consumer, has the "sad" in the data to improve, with sexy costume show in the film, the male, the female role than 8% : 27.9%, the rate of males and females have nudity is 9.1% : 26.4%, the temptation is set to physiological role ratio is 12.6% in men and women 3.1%.

According to the data show that in 2014 the United States on the list of the 4610 film box office role, not only 19 heterosexual, 10 of them are gay, 4 is a lesbian, 5 is bisexual people, and transgender narcissist (self cognition and birth gender between the sexes) the number of zero. In the 100 movie, only 14 sexual orientation content involved, and no one is animated movies. In addition, in the 19 than heterosexual role, 63.2% are men, 36.8% are women, from the race for the white 16, two Asian, African one.

These data are far less than the group in the population of the United States, according to the report of the university of California, Los Angeles, Williams college, the transgender narcissist is 3.5% - 0.3%, the proportion of people just 18-35 in the millennials gay people and bisexual people reached 7%.

According to the research data show that there are three phenomenon worthy of note: first of all, in the 19 than heterosexual characters, there are only two emotions portrayed with romantic and healthy life, not a gay and bisexual men role is in a stable relationship; Second, did not appear a pair of the heterosexual role as parents and children together; Third, a few gay people and bisexual people in the film are deliberately concealing the real sexual orientation.