Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gay people and bisexual people

According to a recent survey shows that Scotland in Europe for gay people, bisexual people, transgender and androgynous is the best area in legal equality.
In fact, for same-sex couples tolerance are nearly all the countries and regions in northern and Western Europe, in 2001 the Dutch lead to allow gay marriage was legalized, including Britain, France, Germany, a number of northern and Western Europe countries have been on the same road.

Internet users are often dubbed the "corruption" support to Britain, British gay pop. Only a decade ago, the British school is not allowed to mention the word gay, same-sex partners can't obtain legal recognition, let alone with children. But that all changed.

Every year in February, the British LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender collectively) history month. In this month, the British will mark a variety of LGBT celebrities, from politicians, scientists, and to the famous film star in the business.
"If a young gay people or bisexual people know, there are also many celebrities like him, he could not so afraid, know yourself better, enhance self-confidence, a bisexual woman says that last year she was the most impressive is the British ambassador's residence in September held a special wedding: is the" bride and groom ": one is 50, the British consul general in Shanghai Brian Davidson, another is his ten years of same-sex couples, the 33-year-old Chinese men.

"I am proud, the British law now allows me to like other British people, have the right to choose love marriage with me. This is our country respect all people equal rights and a practical example." Brian Davidson announced on their site of meetbisexualpeople.com, and proud to have the label "Love is Great".

At present, the UK is one of the most friendly country to the LGBT community in the world. In the UK, 2002 same-sex couples can legally adopted children; Can be legally married in 2014. In the gay rights group international gay, transgender and androgynous association (ILGA) released on the "rainbow" index of the British came in second with 86% of the level. In the UK before is in Scotland, "rainbow index" in the region is 92%.

The British want respect for same-sex couples rooted in education. The national teachers' association annual meeting in April, in same-sex relationships naturally in education should be given a "positive image. The delegates agreed that the proposal for the rights of LGBT - government must deal with the school of the future of the grounding "homophobic" thought, for the 21st century to create a positive atmosphere on sexual orientation tolerance. The proposal from the initiative also hope that the future government "to make all school sex education compulsory to contain a positive image of same-sex relationships."