Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Have same-sex behavior is not the homosexuality and bisexuality


According to the research of the famous Austrian psychologist sigmund Freud, each person may have more or less the same sex. So, bisexual people of the true population proportion, so far there is no real answer; Some advocates of heterosexual activists think the percentage is from 1% to about 1%, but that's significantly underestimated the true population of bisexual. In addition, in different survey, because the definition of "bisexual" is different, the results will vary widely. According to Freud's psychological study, social each per capita tend to bisexual, so with the same eroticism of the true population proportion, is likely to be full of social population, or 100%.

Gay people and bisexual people are usually in a heterosexual population, there are some can produce some degree to gay or temporary. On the contrary, many identity themselves as bisexual people, or tend to same-sex sexual behavior and maintain the gay sex, and at the same time maintaining the heterosexual sex or maintain long-term heterosexual relationships. These maintains gay sex heterosexual practitioners are generally considered part of bisexual people, or those who hide their same-sex sexual orientation, the number of this group will be along with the social for gays and reduce with the increase of the degree of tolerance. If the definition of bisexual to one gender preference are not more strongly than another gender preference, then there will be fewer people is fully bisexual people. Both bisexual men and bisexual women, they will be more or less like the other one gender, can't be the same for two kinds of gender preference.

With their gender, in general, the same people in same-sex sexual behavior, per se, is not necessarily considered gay or bisexual, but is only gay sex. Not all be attracted or maintain same-sex sexual relations of people believe that they are gay people or bisexual people. Some frequent same-sex sexual behaviour of people still believe that they are heterosexual people.