Monday, September 28, 2015

Hillary biography revealing bisexual
Hillary will write a new autobiography, come clean about the political scandal with her insider or sex scandal.

In addition to revealing is a bisexual woman, in retaliation for the obamas "insult", Mrs Clinton will also disclose the Obama administration of dark political insider, the obamas little-known family scandal!
Insiders said, Hillary Clinton's move is in order to smooth the path to the presidency in 2016, don't make any privacy scandal rivals blasted her "lethal weapon".
She is bisexual people, set against the radiant beauty of cheating to the White House

Insider disclosed that Hillary Clinton will publicly for the first time in his autobiography blockbuster is - for decades, she has been concealing the truth of their orientation, she is actually a bisexual woman, she wants to meet bisexual people!

As early as in 2000, have the U.S. media quoted a veterinarian about Hillary has a tendency to "bi". The vet said, once he went to the White House for the clintons cat "socks" cure, stumble on Hillary is the corridor and warm hug another woman.
"Small three" provocation to Clinton gave birth to children

Second bombshell, Mrs Clinton will be disclosed for the first time she hid the secret - 17 years monica lewinsky to give Clinton gave birth to a child, which will be completely taken away from her Clinton.
As early as 1996, when as "little three" lewinsky has apparently told Hillary that "huotang legally," said true love is her rather than Hillary Clinton, while Clinton has plans to divorce, then marry and have children with her family!

She was shocked by this "fact", she rushed into the White House, the bathroom vomit not only.
Clinton and Obama risks

Insiders said that during the period of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, is betrayed by the obamas repeatedly and "insult", and "as tired as a dog". Clinton's suffering from severe heart disease, but he was regardless of the body, as Mr Obama's presidential campaign.

When Obama sure win re-election, he started or Ming or tacitly attacked them! The news that Mr Obama had said to the assistant, he already does not need to Hillary Clinton, he wanted her to go out of the door as soon as possible.

Insider said: "in 2011 at Andrews air force base on the golf course, Hillary Clinton and barack Obama had an argument, Clinton says President barack Obama is the worst President in American history, the two men almost beat up, was finally agents forced to separate."
By the obamas repeatedly "shame"

Hillary Clinton is the obamas "shame" examples, michelle had banned Hillary Clinton to the White House dinner; There were a few times, Hillary Clinton was blocked in the oval office door, forbade her to attend Obama and several foreign heads of state.
A source said: "michelle to Mrs Clinton very jealousy, she could not bear to see Hillary Clinton with a her own inner desire for a strong woman attitude also appeared on the world stage. And Mr. Obama said to her, he is not willing to, but he must give a secretary of state Hillary Clinton's top job, to support her voters' opinions."

Insider said: "Hillary Clinton plans disclosed in the book, the obamas stab toward her everything."
The first couple often quarrel, further apart

Clinton will also disclose the Obama family scandal - often binge drinking in the White House, Obama and his with michelle legislation, two people often quarrel at the White House!

Once when michelle Obama said about don't agree with, Mrs Clinton saw Michael with his feet under the table hard to kick the President's thighs. She said that they only show conjugal love moments, is facing the media camera!

Insider said: "this book will no doubt provoke the obamas. But she believes that she is very popular in the 2016 election they, don't need the support of the Obama."

Clinton told Hillary Clinton said: "americans need to know these things!" Clinton told a friend also boast said: "my wife is more popular than the incumbent President!" Hillary Clinton will receive $25 million which, although not the pen, she has got the prepaid $14 million price.