Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hillary Clinton is a bisexual woman, he doesn't matter

1992 Gennifer Flowers Revelations and former US President Bill Clinton for up to 12 years of affair, let her become one of America's most famous mistresses. 20 years later, she wanted to sit down and talk about his old flame.

The daily mail reported from Arkansas Gennifer Flowers, now 63, still shapely still, she said she regret it eight years ago, refused to Clinton. Begged, 'she said Clinton wanted to see her side, said she is the love of his life.

Gennifer Flowers believe that if not considering the Clinton's political future, and he and her daughter Chelsea's birth, they will be together now.

Gennifer Flowers also revealed that many about Hillary Clinton told her that he was aware that Hillary Clinton is a bisexual people, Clinton often haunted by some bisexual, even meet bisexual people. Make a woman more than he, he does not care.

Gennifer Flowers is the lover of Clinton as governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton ran for President in 1992, she revealed to the media the affair between she and Bill Clinton, shocked the entire United States. Clinton told her report denied, and narrowly missed as the President of the United States, she was many people in the United States as a "liar" quackery.

Until the "zipper" Clinton White House sex scandal broke out, Gennifer Flowers just for his "name", in 1998, admitted that he and Clinton Gennifer Flowers stealing only once. Later, again in 2004, Clinton's autobiography "my life", adding that he won in 1977 and Gennifer Flowers had a "sexual contact", he was already married Hillary.

Gennifer Flowers is a sex column writer now, she said she knew everything about sex is Clinton to teach her.