Monday, September 28, 2015

How do American biseuxal men see cheating problem

Many women think men are flower heart, so into the marriage, how much will be a little jittery. However, the famous American sexual health web site, according to a survey of American men do. American men are loyal to marriage than imagined. Of course, the survey was eliminated those bisexual people, if they are bisexual, cheating is another problem.

Said 30% of American men don't know is how to make up my mind to get married, but 90% of American men eager to partner together life, even with 47% of people said, his wife is a special "build" for him.
In terms of loyalty, two-thirds of people say that a certain period of time really a temptation, but 84% of the respondents did not betray his wife; 29% of American men said he can't betray his wife and marriage; 15% of people afraid of losing their family; 25% said they don't want to cross the step.
Let us man for marriage so good feeling because of family life brings them benefits: 62% of the husband thinks, they than single happy. There was a man after marriage can share the joys and sorrows of life with him, let him no longer lonely, no longer helpless. In addition, 39% said they are more healthy than single, 42% of people think they are self-confident, more successful.
In the aspect of sex, 27% of men said, sex after marriage make him feel better; 25% of people with "warm, loving, and comfortable" to describe a married sex; Even 17% of people think sex after marriage still is a ball of fire. And, their sexual frequency is quite high: 12% four times a week or more sex, 32% of people 2 to 3 times a week, 23% of people once a week, 8% of people once a
Of course, gains and losses for marriage. 39% of American men think, with his wife up controversy is most easily time allocation problem. Both want to do well the social, and cannot be ignored his wife and children, sometimes they are a headache. And 15% of the people and his wife have differences in sexual problems, 13% of people have differences on the division of housework with his
wife, still have some communication overhead in the family, husband and wife, her husband and their differences.To his wife's infidelity, American men generally said very seriously. 38% of
American men said, even if his wife once infidelity, their marriage will be broken.
Survey also found that help unmarried People find object of  Bisexual dating sites Meet Bisexual People, its members with age ratio gradually narrowed, more and more young People in the United States by dating sites to find their own objects.Melody of mutual attraction between men and women should be the emotion itself, but, at any time, any country, all marriages are associated with capital relations.
In the United States today is one of the divorce rate is low, in the United States today to measure a personal morality, loyalty to family whether occupy a large proportion.Moral quality letter determines a person's reputation, while the United States
as an economic superpower, a person's reputation will directly affects the development of a person in work, that is, an affair or just a betrayal of the family, are among the intangible paid a terrible price for men in their careers.
When an affair with a man in relation to career, a man in the face of
temptation, outside of marriage are bound to look before you leap.
There is a phenomenon in America: a lot of people with history of extramarital
affairs, usually after the affair was broke, basically all want darling back to his wife, that is to say, in the United States, small three is a very difficult thing.
The United States why men don't want to give up easily marriage? A, in the United States, with a set of relatively complete divorce proceedings, that is, one side of the betrayal of marriage, after divorce, will lose a large part of the property, usually, house and the children will be awarded to the woman, the man should have wiped out the predicament; 2, divorce is a long and a suffering
one of the things, not only that, the law is still weak after the divorce of one party carried on the special protection. Often state, women tend to be weak side, namely, even got a divorce, her ex-husband is likely to pay his ex-wife objective alimony, alimony and not below the level during the marriage life.

Maintenance will be decided according to the fixed number of year of the marriage, if marriage more than a decade, so, will be lifelong pay alimony.Since of cost as a result of an affair is so big, so the men will not easily into an affair. In fact, in the United States, most of our divorce initiated by women.Summary, in the United States, is not a very rich man, don't provoke an affair, more can't easily divorce.