Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Men and women of sex after all want to do

What will you do after sex? I'm afraid every couple's answer is not the same. Published in the British journal relationships, according to a study of sex after that time has been ignored, related research is rarely. Therefore, the university of Michigan and Pennsylvania evolutionary psychologist Albert college launched a massive investigation and study, for after we opened the sex, men and women.

Man does not necessarily than women fall asleep first. In the past, it is widely believed that after sex, men want to do is sleeping, so many men will precede the woman fell asleep. But the survey found that men and women fall asleep after sex rate there was no significant difference, sometimes women may fall asleep earlier than men. And research suggests that early sleep tend to be higher sexual satisfaction. Because orgasm can let a person produce a large number of oxytocin, easier to sleep.

After sex, men prefer to obtain material reward. In answer to "what do you want most things after sex" this option, the common choice of man is "eat a sandwich", "smoke" and "have a drink." Researchers analyzed, these behaviors are related to food, to enjoy, this suggests that men for sexual pleasure, more hope to get the actual reward and honor, in addition to meet their sexual desire.

After sex, women pay more attention to emotional expression. Unlike men, women after sex, still immersed in the joy, happy and want to extend the emotional, so they prefer to "embrace for a long time", "lie on the bed or a daze" aftertaste, there are those who want to "take a bath. Researchers said: "this compare with the understanding of the past, most women from sexual satisfaction than pleasure, it makes them become lazy, no longer willing to other activities."