Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mr Obama made his first public nomination bisexual military leaders

Mr Obama made his first public nomination bisexual military leaders

U.S. President barack Obama announced on Friday to appointed Eric Fanning leading the army, this is the first time Mr Obama has publicly appointed bisexual military department chief.

According to Reuters, the Washington post, for the first time to make the reports of Fanning bisexual, Eric Fanning is a bisexual people, army he meet bisexual people every day. He began to serve as the war department deputy vice minister since June, but before that, he is the secretary of defense carter's special assistant vice minister and air force.

Obama said in a statement, fanning will rely on many years of experience and excellent leadership into this new role, and to thank the soldiers make a pledge, he believes, fanning will help the government leading American soldiers, he is looking forward to cooperate with fanning, to keep us troops in the dominant position in the world.

The nomination marks the government adopted a more open to gay position, is also a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender soldiers the latest step to gain recognition.

The Obama administration over the military to homosexuality and bisexuality ban "don't ask, don't tell", in 2011 the doubles bisexual and female bisexuality get power in the army, and defence minister, carter is currently planning how best to lift the ban on military about transgender.

To this, the human rights campaign, griffin said, head of the United States bisexual people in the department of defense is facing great difficulties, but it is very important to the nomination in the fanning, it is a sign of hope, is the U.S. military for proof of progress of the justice and equality.

Fanning the nomination is subject to approval by the senate.