Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Often work overtime how to keep healthy

Overtime psychology is very be agitated, the family is not happy. He had to work overtime, for various reasons, who have no matter to want to work overtime ah, unless you are very like job, who also don't want to work overtime to deprive the freedom of time to work overtime is in need of care.

Often work overtime how to keep healthy

1, try not to work overtime: things are done, time to call it a day, away from the office on time, don't delay.

2, adequate sleep, the midnight oil, or get up at five o 'clock in the morning to go to work, is not good. Lack of sleep can lead to creativity, low loss, mental fatigue, irritable, or sad.

3, turn off the computer, our life is not all the time need to surf the Internet. Sometimes turn off the computer, away from the screen, it will make you feel very comfortable, thought will be more clear, thinking is more active.

4, close nature: forget about work, get rid of the worry, to be close to nature is one of the best ways. Spare some time every day to outdoor activities, such as take a walk, see the trees and flowers, very beneficial to health of body and mind.

5, with family and friends: my work is very important, also not a substitute for family and friends. Spending time with them, makes life more meaningful. But to really put, maintain interaction, can't "in cao cao in the han".

6, a healthy diet: busy work let people enjoy eating out, health foods such as fruit, vegetables and grains to eat less. Make a proposal to go home to have a meal as enjoyment, at least once a day for the next trip to the kitchen. Most importantly, don't work while hu eat sea slug, which can lead to overeating and obesity.

7, cultivating a hobby: find some nothing to do with your job interests, will make life more fulfilling, such as running, drawing, reading a novel, or writing, etc. These pastimes can bring happiness to you, and let the body and mind into, fully relax and enjoy.

8, pay attention to the body warned: work overtime overload, let a person tired, not only also make the person become isolated addiction, the cold shoulder. If the body has warned that, your work should be "slow", make clear oneself sick or should have a good rest, it is extremely important.

9, self-examination: if work too busy, wait for a period of time soul-searching, look at your work status is normal. Once found too much overtime, long time no contact with friends, don't look at E-mail is uncomfortable, so might as well ask yourself: "I did it for the sake of what? So desperately health?"

10, a good habit: healthy habit is not night, every day a little change, persistence will have a big harvest. For example, 30 minutes of exercise every day.

11, to ask for help: if you think you're a workaholic, so best initiative to seek help, relaxation therapy when necessary, to maintain the balance of work and life is good. Life only have once, treat yourself is the most important.