Friday, September 25, 2015

Seattle's mayor announced a plan of action for LGBTQ friendly city

Seattle's mayor Murray last month announced a plan of action, to fight against lesbian, gay, bisexual people, transgender hate crime and conflict behavior, make Seattle a LGBTQ people safe and friendly city. This action plan is in view of the Capitol Hill area recently often occur for LGBTQ people hate crimes, meet bisexual people, meet gay people and reduce the probability of the crime occurs when transgender.

Action plan includes mandatory single toilet of buildings must be set to gender neutral, strengthen the training of the Seattle police response LGBTQ community, provides a homeless young LGBTQ community service projects.

Crime on Capitol Hill has also contributed to the development of other actions, including the city police station "safety" project, and the rainbow pedestrian area. According to the mayor's office, in the first seven months of 2015, the city police department has received the 41 LGBTQ enemies on the report of criminal and civil cases, than the first seven months of 28 2014 rose by 46%.

"Seattle has long been a everyone can find acceptable, tolerant," Murray's mayor said in a press release, "we celebrate LGBTQ community of getting further equal, we will support to promote more inclusive in Seattle."

The action plan is in a LGBTQ taskforce formulated under the proposal, pointing to public safety, LGBTQ youth, building environment and the public understanding of four big problems.

Murray, meanwhile, the mayor is requested in the 2016 budget for Elevating Queer and Transgender Youth programs. The project by the northwest bisexual men, bisexual women, transgender, lesbian and gay abuse survivors network, aims to help young homeless LGBTQ. Murray's mayor also supports to the Seattle office of civil rights capital injection, to help the development of a teaching all Seattle people correctly understand LGBTQ people care and rights.

In addition, a study of all the buildings and public facilities in the city of single toilet set to gender neutral review legislation has been passed on to the council.