Monday, September 28, 2015

Six interesting new findings about breasts

The American medical journal recently published stories, a number of research shows that: the breast size can show a woman of character and way of life.

1. The breast is more than A and B cup, consumption level is high. China's e-commerce site, alibaba: a survey and cup size larger than their peers, small size of cup (or smaller) B the number of women to spend less. B cup of women in only 7% of people willing to buy high-end consumer goods, and D cup women this ratio reached 24%.

2. The breast bigger women eating disorders. Breast size strongly associated with women's mental health. Published in the journal of plastic surgery, according to a study of the large asymmetry of breast, breast, breast size exists obvious difference of women are more likely to self-esteem problems and eating disorders. Disorder that is because the breast size and shape of women's psychological and emotional lasting negative impact, and negative emotions easily lead to overeating.

3. Women breast big high iqs. American scholar at the university of Chicago found that female breasts bigger in IQ tests scored an average of 10 points higher than the other women. The researchers say this is associated with sex hormone levels, and it can decide the size of the breast. In addition, from the point of view of natural selection, high IQ of women, men are more willing to choose bigger breasts, as a partner, to ensure that the offspring inherit genetic advantage.

4. Breast big female fertility. Published in the archives of sexual behavior on the research results show that: like big chest woman men want to be a father's desire. This means that the chest is larger women having children physical ability stronger signal.

5. Breast small women were more likely to drink coffee. Published in the British journal of cancer research, said: three cups of coffee a day is enough to let a female chest shrinkage, the effect will be increased with the increase of coffee consumption. Researchers say this is because about half of women with a gene that makes coffee consumption and there is a clear correlation between breast size.

6. Do plastic surgery of women are more likely to depression. Published in the journal of cosmetic surgery: according to a study in the risk of suicide among women undergoing breast implants will be three times higher, the risk will increase over time. The researchers analyzed, breast augmentation surgery of women has been lead to suicide behavior of mental problems.