Sunday, September 27, 2015

The first governor of bisexual people
Oregon state governor John Kitzhaber fiancee has been exposed by using political influence this scandal. Under the huge pressure of public opinion, baseJohn Kitzhaberresigned as governor. Base John Kitzhaber said in a lengthy statement the same day, he did nothing wrong, but he knew that he has become a political liability. Base John Kitzhaber for his resignation apologize to who support themselves.

Oregon's secretary of state Kate Brown  will take over John Kitzhaber governor. She will also be America's first bisexual people publicly admitted that he was governor.

The 67 - year - old John Kitzhaber has been popular, he won the fourth term, last year set a precedent for the Oregon politics. After the scandal, base John Kitzhaber previously considered resigning, 11, local time, but the governor's office said in a statement, "I was elected to work for this great state and the people, I'm going to continue to do so."

State senate President berlusconi, Peter Courtney and the state house democratic leader Tina Kotek 12 morning meeting with John Kitzhaber, told him to quit. Oregon financial director Ted Wheeleralso calls for John Kitzhaber to resign.

The base John Kitzhaber 47 fiancee Cylvia Hayesscandal began circulating since last year. Reports have reported, harbour plaza, using their special status to her environmental consulting business customers. Email released recently shows that harbour plaza, told state employees, how to implement a new policy, that she got herself a hope to promote the policy of the group paid $25000.

Harbour plaza, the report said, in the past two years, because of the clean economy development center to get $118000, and the money didn't agree with her tax income.

Harbour plaza, also had the same name in the 1990 s, young Ethiopian false get married to get $5000, help each other get their immigration status. She claimed that it was "the biggest mistake in life. She also admitted to buy a remote site, intends to growing marijuana.

Although harbour plaza in the state legislature has a office and computer, but her lawyer said that she has never been a government employee, so don't be governed by the relevant ethics committee.