Monday, September 28, 2015

Why men love women's breasts
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If a man loves a woman, so she any part of the body, he likes to even want to go to the inquiry. If the woman comes down to the most attractive part of the decade, so, according to the survey, two percent of men will choose thighs, three percent of men choose back, the waist was the choice for four percent of men and five percent of men choose hair, seven percent of men choose the abdomen, eight percent of men choose the feet, hips was the choice for nine percent of men and ten percent of men choose private parts, twelve percent of men chose his hands, while forty percent of men will choose breast.

Women almost all know chest and attract men have a positive relationship, which is why there are so many breast enhancement product crowded in the market, and can let the woman pay everything freely. In fact this is just surface, women will never be able to understand a man's obsession in the breast, like a man can never understand a woman's shopping complex, they can all night on the soft, such as silky skin, she might be surprised: is he still in miss childhood scenes? Maybe, it's a perfect place, of the breast is a man of a woman's breast complex can never avoid.
About breast complex, documented as early as in ancient times. Europe had war broke out. Legend of war because of a woman, this woman named Helen, Herodotus says she is one of the world's most beautiful woman. The female is queen of Sparta, after been abducted, prince of Persia Greek epic, finally to Trojan horse recapture Helen in the Trojan war. The beauty of Helen universally acknowledged, according to Herodotus, the prince of Persia is mini heart secretly, both because Helen has a pair of beautiful can't wonderful breasts square thing.

Although later unearthed statue of Venus, the arm is broken, but two, the structure of the breast is almost perfect. According to expert measuring calculation, her breast in the position of the gold line of the body, and the prototype of the statue of Venus DE milo, according to expert textual research is Helen. Think about the fight for such a pair of unique breast beauty, had 10, on both sides, the men also value.
In fact, the man's breast complex and Oedipus complex, from a certain perspective, he was a continuation of the Oedipus complex, or the Oedipus complex derived a by-product. In the early stages of the people, I mean the womb from warm until puberty. Man's best to rely on, the most trusted is his mother. Imagine that you curled up in her womb for ten months, by blood; You drink her milk, and then use brought from the mother's immune ability; Continued for more than ten years, you all can enjoy, enjoy and all this, a large part of all attributed to the mother.

Mother is like a heaven rain as natural things. But at the end of the adolescence, demand, great changes have taken place in his desire for themselves and the body of heterosexual have a thorough and comprehensive understanding. Especially men, the instinctive reaction of organs, reflects a desire to return to the consciousness of maternal instinct. However, due to the formation of the ethics, at the same time, men have to curb their attachment to imagine. Energy in the process of stem, didn't get the correct guidance, will be rejected on the female body, into a bisexual or gay. Another most men would have conceived a variety of illusion in the broad ideas of heaven and earth. Dream to become the direct mapping of illusion. Objects into to the daughter of his age.

Men under the drive of complex, often imagine wife as saint, where they can get maximum respect, the greatest degree of satisfaction. Men usually imagine from between her breasts, will be in the whole body is full of vitality and self-confidence, because they just got themselves as men's dignity and ability.

Some men often compare a woman's breasts to is a man of charger, twin peaks like a is a negative poles of the contact, when you touched, it can bring you full of spirit and energy, as if is endowed with magic. Out no matter how many vicissitudes of life and suffering, it is can heal for you, for you to add beat up the passion and courage.