Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The revelation gaga with her fiance gets along well with bisexual women love triangle

According to the entertainment media reported that Lady gaga with Taylor kinney engaged frequency of affection in public, recently heard gaga with the actress monica in Chicago fireworks Raymond suspected aroused, monica Raymond has starred in a play with Taylor kinney. For this kind of behavior gaga, Taylor kinney far from being jealous, but also very supportive. Three dozen of hot, often even public sun, insider revealed that three person is far from so simple a love triangle: "they even play 3 p!"

Earlier, Lady gaga has said publicly that likes to meet bisexual friends, monica Raymond had with a gay rumours.

For his girlfriend's bisexuality orientation, Taylor kinney without mind, or even indulge in love triangle, so three people get along very well.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bisexual people

Bisexual the word often give a person a kind of negative feelings, but also do not stand firm, dissolute. Bisexual people suffered the disdain of society, is even referred to as the "universal plug". In today's society, there are too many people on the bisexual people don't understand, and even some people don't even know the existence of bisexual people. They think, bisexual people even worse than the gay people, gay people can recognize their own direction, understand their own pursuit of what is, bisexual people, however, lost in the pursuit of the object itself, like the opposite sex, is the pursuit of the opposite sex, when like gay, and to pursue the same sex. And they often play in between the sexes, and sometimes accept gay, and accept the opposite sex, seems to be playing with others.

In addition, there are many misunderstanding of bisexual, also some people think that bisexuality is immature behavior, bisexual people because they don't have to establish their sexual orientation, is still in groping for their real sexual orientation. They cannot distinguish the difference between love and friendship, as the growth of the age, the increase of life experience and life experience, they will eventually realize their position in life, at that time, they will automatically abandon bisexual people's identity, to restore a normal life. So they think that bisexuality is childish behavior, is lost, growth is just a temporary phenomenon, is not desirable behavior.

Actually bisexual is reasonable, can be accepted, whether the childish behavior, not in sexual orientation is made, but their attitude to love. Bi is the darling of god, not only gay like them, the opposite sex is also very addicted, it gives their greed enough guarantee. Although no link said sexual orientation and personality, but that both sexes the psychology of love, it is easy to cause serious damage to love them. Each bisexual people's situation is different, a bisexual people may at the same time to maintain the two kinds of gender and sex relationship, may also be sex relations with a kind of gender. Some of them prefer gay, others prefer the opposite sex. But these are not important, if we can keep a good attitude to the love, whether gay or bisexual, only the sexual orientation is different.

Monday, October 19, 2015

My boyfriend is bisexual

I and my boyfriend for two years, has always been in good relationship, we never quarrel, sweet love, there are a lot of friends all envy us. In march, the two of us came to California, in order to have a care for each other, my boyfriend and I decided to rent a house together. Looking for a house because I find a job first thing falls on the boyfriend, soon, he found a nice house, everything he will move in and very neat, also added some daily necessities.

Next, I still to work on time, he went to look for a job, but half a month has passed, his work is not to carry out the down, not do not meet the requirements of his company, he didn't like the atmosphere of the company, or management system too let a person feel depressed. I'm overwhelmed, had to persuade him don't try so hard, the slowly.

Our landlord lives next door, something all right to come and chat at ordinary times, gradually he began his brother, and my boyfriend this boyfriend came to hand in the first friend after CA. The landlord was very enthusiastic, often to help her boyfriend to work, also to help him see the recruitment information online, see the right, just call my boyfriend.

At that time, I don't have to heart, the landlord said he and his girlfriend broke up in a month ago, maybe now just because lonely want to make some friends, a personal life sometimes is not easy, that kind of feeling I can understand very much, so I was how also didn't think because the landlord is actually bisexual people. I think he just need a friend to boredom, so there would be no care about, just then I found that the landlord like some bisexual dating sites, I didn't know that he is a bisexual man.

I had never expected that once because, in the middle of the night, found no one around, her boyfriend don't know when I have not in bed. Mobile phones and clothes are on the table, he is wearing pajamas in the middle of the night to go? Because the belly the badly, so also didn't care so much. When I came out from the bathroom, I suddenly a hunch that something was amiss, stand a tiptoe to the door of the house of the landlord. I stand ears, posted on the door edge, before long, he heard her boyfriend in the room the voice of the moaning. Immediately become troubled, swing a fist grips banging on the door. Her boyfriend appeared in the doorway with the landlord, numb and looked at me, her boyfriend to react first, came up to me, to pull my hand, I took him off, rushed back to his room. After I calmed down slightly, her boyfriend said he didn't know I recently is a bisexual people, under the pressure of work and life, slowly like this man accompanied him all the day. My love, did not give me any opportunity to refute, let me direct thoroughly lost to a man.

Always thought that, as long as their own efforts to struggle, there will be have the life that you want to. Here is not to the bisexual groups or gay groups do, just say, most love is similar to the love lost to time, all is lost to yourself, if you really love a person, want to be together with the rest, then remove a little time to care about the person you're concerned about your love.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bisexual people coming out

According to media reports, the American people has just held the "national coming out day", has sparked the for gay people, bisexual people and transgender community's attention. Facebook has just reported that over the past year about 800000 americans on Facebook "coming out".

Although traditional "coming out" refers to a person take the initiative to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity, but in order to facilitate study, Facebook on the slight adjustment: the company called "coming out", refers to update my personal data to express attracted to, or use a social network of custom tools to better express their gender identity.

Facebook, according to the above definition of the company after the user estimates that over the past year about 800000 americans on Facebook "coming out". Total, a total of more than 600 americans on Facebook "coming out", of which 78% occurred in the past three years.

In fact, the Supreme Court of the United States to legalize gay marriage also has a significant impact on the trend: just released in the ruling period, there are more than 2600 americans choose to add a rainbow on his head, there are 5.7 million people in the United States joined at least 5.7 million of the most popular one of LGBT page, rose nearly 25%.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

40 anniversary of Hillary and Bill Clinton, was still in bisexual dating sites

Against rivals the private lives of degradation is one of the most common part of the American political ecology, and americans are most likely to associated sex scandal is sex. Therefore, exposing political figure's privacy, especially sexual privacy, for moral criticism and manipulation of a topic, and then the most easy to operate to the mood of voters. Although this behavior embarrass the parties, they conform to the conditions in the United States.

On October 11, Hillary and Bill Clinton celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. For a pair of ordinary husband and wife, it would be a very happy day. But it happened that Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, happiness can't get up. Because they are not ordinary people, but the American household political star. Opponents of the sniper's shot, always difficult. It doesn't, Clinton's former mistress, nightclub singer Jennifer flowers, television journalist, just before the big day, the 40th wedding anniversary big new revealed the Clinton sex scandal.

A scandal: Hillary rodham Clinton is a bisexual woman, often on some bisexual dating sites. Former White House floral design director once spoken, first lady Hillary rodham Clinton was naked from the White House, the bathroom ran into the bedroom. In 2000, just have the U.S. media quoted a veterinarian, that Mrs Clinton has bisexual. , inside information, according to people familiar with Hillary in order to smooth the path to the presidency in 2016, plans to come clean about the political scandal with her insider or sex scandal. She will for the first time in his autobiography Open her always conceal the truth of his orientation: bisexual people. Doing so also helps to impress more bisexual people support and vote.

Scandal 2: as bisexual women, Clinton also sexually active, debaucjed of private life, once the bed macho man retaliate. The daily mail was exposed, a former secretary of state Hillary Clinton because of dissatisfaction with the husband Clinton's private life, often on bisexual dating sites, can have as many male pleasure and sexual addiction. His aides had revealed her current erosion life, not only have a wild sex, male sexual partners are also required to take an aphrodisiac, etc. Hillary Clinton is inseparable from the men's sex, but also because of her I think, it can not only slow the aging, also can revenge is not loyal to her husband at the same time.

Bisexual People

What is the connection between gay and straight, they are variations of for no reason, it is the key. Creatures without fault, which means a species or a group doesn't just variation, they need a form. I am not a student, what your definition is, I'm not very clear. If homosexuality is the result of a mutation out for no reason, then, bisexual men and women may not exist. However, the evidence suggests that homosexuality is not the result of variation for no apparent reason.

Bisexual people do exist, if we look closely straight, you will find, some extreme reject homosexuality. From psychological aspect, there is no fault between gay and straight, is continuous. Now many people admit that this is the psychological deviation, if from the perspective of the pathology from heterosexual psychological deviation to gay, middle inevitably exists in the form of excessive bisexual.

From the mode of thinking, social, sexual interest, aspects of the sexual impulse, require the existence of bisexual people, can make these characteristics completely continuous without fault. The value of love and sexual proportion can only exist in bisexual people's continuous. In my opinion, if there is no existence of bisexual, in many point of view, the emergence of the gay is really only one or a few special gene mutation causes can be explained. So, it is basically impossible.

Due to social reasons, the number of bisexual was found to be not enough, not as evidence of continuous without fault, therefore, this article also lack of proper evidence, only reference for people who are interested in it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Misunderstanding of bisexual women

Bisexual refers to sexual attracted to men and women at the same time. Bisexual people often blame, there are many misconceptions about bisexual women.

1. Misunderstanding: bisexual women are heterosexual
The truth: bisexual women attracted to men and women at the same time. Some bisexual women more like women, others are more like a man, and to the feeling of men and women equally. Whether they belong to which kind of, bisexual women can keep close relationship with a man or a woman.

2. Misunderstanding: bisexual women are gay
The truth: some women chose as bisexual women "last come out of the closet", because they are not sure their real sexual orientation, or that bisexual are easier to accept than gay. Bisexual may be a way leading to gay, but not all bisexual. On the contrary, some women to gay identity "last come out of the closet", but they feel bisexual is true gender identity.

3. The chaos bisexual female human nature
The truth: heterosexual and homosexual "camp", bisexual sex not sure what you want. Actually are heterosexual and homosexual friends not sure, bisexual know what they want: a man and a woman!

4. The bisexual women promiscuity
The truth: some people believe that since bisexual women like two kinds of gender, then they must have more sexual activity than others. The fact is, bisexual women and others, are diverse. Among them, someone will have a variety of sexual experience, others not.

5. Bi will never settle down
The truth: they never settle down, because they always opportunity to consider another gender. Bisexual, in fact, just like people, have the ability to maintain monogamy.

The origins and evolution of bisexual

Critics have long believed that evolutionary biology, the science said it more profound, at best, that is, "think", but the fact is just the opposite. Recently, a group of evolutionary biologists to determine when a large number of unexplained phenomena before how to participate in the process of human evolution, from the anatomy, physiology, embryology and behavior, etc. Of course, not all problems have been solved, for now, there are still many unexplained phenomena, one of the most prominent is the origins of bisexual.

This question sounds simple, but it was befuddled by the world's most prominent among the field of the mind. For any feature, to participate in is a necessary factor in the process of evolution and breeding process, said that in more detail is successfully make related genes to the next generation. So, if bisexual women and men is a product of evolution, and it really is. The genetic factors associated with same-sex attraction will get from people on gay preference reproductive benefits of some kind. So the problem is very obvious, is impossible to reproduce the same sex, so why not natural selection "erase" same-sex love from evolution? For the entire human race, a bit trivial changes can cause potential evolution process.

Bisexual people and gay favorite tourist destination

Interweave the canal that beautiful scenery, "water" is more than the beauty of the golden age, was old and had great taste, is almost a living museum. Close waterway and these lovely streets apart a piece of a piece of land, flocks of seagulls flying between the waterways and buildings, bully the feeding ducks in the water, like the Venice of the north.

And made him famous is here, open sex culture. There's a famous red light district, has spread, common and cheap sex museum, there are more than 60 kinds of fine arts, the art museum. There are different color of skin race, different dress; Tourists and locals, beggars and busker, dwarf on a giant and more than two meters tall, mixed, but looked one integrated mass, lively and orderly. Crowd bustling streets, everywhere with community atmosphere. Amsterdam is more like a "petty Philistine city". Of the city's people hurry, serenely coolly, a normal appearance. Amsterdam seemed to fit all weird and alternative.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the first big city, where there are beautiful scenery, mild climate, four seasons and pleasant, grass evergreen in the city, the carpet of flowers were multiple parks (such as Stanley park and queen Elizabeth park), plus the city mountain, the sea and the forest surrounding temperature, the ethnic diversity of the area, and is noted for its rich cultural resources, all is the selling point to attract the tourists, made her a Canadian tourist resort, is gay people and bisexual people elected the best tourism cities in Canada.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, referred to as "Buenos Aires, Argentina's biggest city, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, the city street park, square, and numerous monuments, city building more influenced by European culture, still retain a few centuries ago in Spain and Italy style of ancient architecture, known as the" Paris of the South American "of reputation.

Of the nightlife lively, bustling, people are generous, open, and he is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, so attracts many gays and lesbians, bisexual of tourists come to local proportion is as high as 20%, equivalent to 500000 people a year, has become a global bisexual men and women are one of the favorite tourist destination.

The capital of new south wales and Australia's oldest city, here has a dot, style each has his strong point beach, colorful street view, restored and elegant architecture, elegant environment, fresh air in the central coast, bold and impressive. In march of each year on the first Saturday of the gay pride parade is held here, gay pride parade in Sydney also added one scene.

Australia is the world's one of the few countries recognise same-sex marriage, in this case, can meet bisexual people and gay people, can enjoy the same rights and ordinary people, can register get married, can also be adopted children, organize their own family, so gay camp here is very powerful. Gay parade in Sydney are gay and bisexual from all walks of life, there are some people around the world come together.

San Francisco
San Francisco is a city of authentic advocate "diversity". Here, the gay people and bisexual people with great aplomb with rainbow flags in housetop, and an adjunct to the heterosexual; You can see the top of the head of red and green hair young street, openly gay couples kissing in the street. On this land, any novelty won't attract other people look askance, everyone is a maverick model. Most local residents living in San Francisco "feel very satisfied".

American Apparel filed for bankruptcy

Believe that all of the Gay, lesbian, bisexual men and women, and transgender all know that American Apparel, the launch of the "Gay is OK" clothing and accessories, as well as many LGBT friendly advertising clothing brands, has filed for bankruptcy.

The company not only sales, but also deeply in debt, Mired in crisis management, its owner recently announced an agreement aimed at "restructuring its financial condition".

As is known to all, American Apparel has been continuously support the LGBT community, has launched a series of ads to promote equality.

LGBT activists around the world are often in the brand of "Legalize Gay" and "Gay is OK" series clothing, including before the 2014 Olympic winter games in sochi, a challenge Russia anti-gay law clothing series.

American Apparel has pride parade distributed all over the world more than 50000 pieces of free t-shirts, launched by same-sex couples kissing and holding hands as the theme of advertisement, expressing support for gay people and bisexual people.

In addition, when the bisexual people meet,they often invite starring LGBT culture celebrities, including RuPaul family of American Apparel advertising girl Willam, Alaska and Courtney Act, and trigger a viral sensation Brendan Jordan.

"American Apparel think about sex, we should celebrate, not blame," wrote the company website.

"American Apparel believe in freedom, peace, etc., and the ban on gay marriage is essentially to condemn this concept."

"A lot of our employees and customers are lesbian people, gay people, bisexual men or transgender, we the company very publicly support to protect the rights of gay."

However, the company said its founder misconduct occurred last year, and fired them. Dov Charney is suing the company for defamation and fraud.

Debt crisis, sales and management of the company has made "overwhelmed" the iconic teen apparel retailers, retail analyst firm Conlumino Neil Saunders said.

He added: "from our point of view, bankruptcy protection is American Apparel the only viable option, the company in a $311 million debt, as well as many company litigation, including its founder Dov Charney filed lawsuit."

Something of bisexual people 

Through literature gay is not hard to find research articles are a dime a dozen, and pay attention to the articles of the bisexual is relatively scarce, how many people can say no serious study, people tend to think of the so-called bisexual but is fake, false, sick. In fact, everyone has the potential bisexual, it should be said with bisexual orientation to be more than gay people.

Men and women is the opposite sex, seem to should have a strong appeal to each other, but a man of both sexes showed sexual excitement, this disharmony of sexual excitement and apparently is a contradictory thing, easy to cause conflict. These people often experience pain and confused, because living in a disguise the reality orientation phase. Or it is just used to consciously or unconsciously denying real sexual orientation of the shield. To really understand the bisexual people will abandon the inherent bias of human sexuality, be sure to understand it from a broader perspective. Like many men and women pay more attention to practice SM if not each other's gender, but the other is the master of a potential partner or to obey.

Bisexual people often have such characteristics: most bisexual people first confirm that he's heterosexual, and by the adult didn't realize I am bisexual. Some lifelong gay people to the middle-aged spontaneously develop heterosexual marriage or interest, become a bisexual men or bisexual women. This kind of phenomenon in the 1980 s after the increase of the survey. Women are not so easy as men express their bisexual tendencies, such as their marriage is purely an arrangement of social similarity, the heterosexual men tend to block out the real bisexual ego identity. Meet with gender sexual excitement, but will bisexual men and women reported that they were more satisfied with her emotional. More easily and women in love, or pay more attention to and the feelings of women, but most people would have happened and sexual feelings. It is interesting to note some gay men would say sex more inclined to men, and feelings tend to be women (with its preference to define the orientation). Some lesbian sex appeal to men and women are all the same, but the emotional satisfaction comes from women (in emotional preference to define themselves). There are also some bisexual women think sex appeal more to come from men. Bisexual men think that their relationships with men maintain time is shorter in women. And bisexual women think they less number of sexual partners and the time a relationship between men and women are basically identical.

Many bisexual people reported that they pay attention to and attract some particular temperament, rather than gender itself, it is beyond the gender. Some bisexual women will say that women from men and women relation of things are not the same. Some people never understand exactly what their sexual orientation. In different stages of life may have a different choice and performance.

Maybe we have is bisexual

Lights out, my roommate to sleep, as if some words are used to knock, write something to sleep. I'm thinking about a problem, maybe at some point, we have is a bisexual people.

Sometimes I will suddenly think why the people around you are two people, why dormitory building is a pair of lovers, why should only I a person always carries an umbrella in the bag, at the time of thunder and lightning with earplugs ears hide in the quilt, no longer afraid something really not because of his strong, because know the man who can protect themselves. Habitual when thunder to press a string of Numbers, but dare not to dial out. Want to be warm, eager to be protected, this feeling is common in men and women body, we may just need who can warm us, and why they are male or female, why they are bisexual men and bisexual women? ​

May every person in the process of growing up is a lonely time, want to find someone to accompany, looking for someone to play the woman, looking for someone to comfort each other, but time will dilute all, at the beginning of the void is just on the spur of the moment. Stumbling strong, this is give meaning to our growth. Better ourselves, to deserve a better man. ​

At helpless we will become a world of a grain of dust, need to buy a pair of warm hand held us tightly in your hand, feeling the pulse of the heart is beating hard, you know, the warm, is the world. Once we were pretty fascination, obsessed with the hands tightly holding your hand, don't have to worry about the road ahead, is holding your direction. Happiness is good, whatever he is male is female? ​

Thank you I still is that dare to love dare to hate, thank I can nothing more lives, thank I still willing to believe that this world there is true love, thank you I still take the little idea to perfect myself to wait for the him. Probably encountered is met, why care about what the outside factors, race, nationality, gender, it doesn't matter. You is a person who can warm each other, that you are familiar with each other a little affectations know what each other need, you can be tightly embrace together in the middle of the night to listen to each other's symmetry breathing, these will be enough. ​

Maybe we have is bisexual, maybe we are bisexual, perhaps our future or bisexual, but what, happy enough. ​

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bisexual female college students out of the ark

Bisexual is now less discrimination, even there are a lot of entertainment industry artists and admitted to being a bisexual people. Although the United States declared same-sex marriages legal, but the "comrades" all of the world. A university girl at the graduation ceremony for the principal Luo Jun announced the coming out, get the principal's hug.

Girls at the scene of the graduation ceremony, to come out to the headmaster said: "the principal can you do with me, come on hand gestures for bisexual people, gay people, these minority pep talk?" The principal then make the same gesture with her encouragement. Every love promised to give the initial respect and tolerance, love is without borders, unmanned, colorless, nonsexual. This is not only bisexual memorable event in the history, also is a milestone in the history of the whole human tolerance, I believe that as more and more people are tolerant, prejudice and discrimination caused by the tragedy can also be less and less, and the world will be getting better and better.

In our life, is not willing to accept the bisexual, repel bisexual men and women. So a lot of bisexual men and women in daily life can only hide their sexual orientation, for bisexual people, this can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. But like a man hiding in the cupboard, living in the dark. A few brave bisexual willing to publicly acknowledged that he is bisexual, this like jump out of the cabinet, so this is called come out of the closet.

The first U.S. degeneration model agency

As Andreja Pejic, Hari Nef and Lea T degeneration supermodel eagerly anticipates the fashion models, the first U.S. degeneration model agency began to take root in Los Angeles. The company called apple model agency, in fact, early in his hometown in Bangkok, it has been a huge success. Apple model agency favors only degeneration model to the men and women, now, it will look on the American market, try to get a record.

Director of the Los Angeles area Cecilio Asuncion hope to like Thailand, the social environment for transgender open tolerant attitude. He told Mashable said: "the Thai buddhist culture makes people more willing to forgive and tolerance transgender, but now America's attitude to transgender people are slowly improving." When Asuncion in explaining chose Los Angeles as the first choice for their foreign open a shop, he said that the Los Angeles both fashionable breath and commercial viability.

"We pursue different gender equality... fashion on the job has a lot to a piece of the market, why can't a transgender involved?" Los Angeles branch has signed six models, also more fashion talents in mining. Transgender model agency and to the requirement of model whose traditional model agency is not, the girl 5.5 feet (1.77 meters), the boy 6 feet (1.83 meters).

Asuncion recently made and issued a documentary (What 's the T?) Is about five transgender women face the challenges in our daily life. Asuncion hope to have more people understand and pay attention to the life state of the transgender community.

He said: "it is time for gay people, bisexual people and transgendered people to unite and help each other, the whole social fashion in slowly changing, we really want to cultivate the best models."

I'm a bisexual woman

I never denied that I'm a bisexual woman. I can accept half man, half woman can accept. I have no special for their sexual tendency to conceal, so long as is my good friend all know I'm a woman of bisexual.

I have a very good elder brother, he is a GAY, he's got character. He always knew my sexuality. He was joking said to me: "if you can't find the true of the person you like, I got married and elder brother, you what I know!" I once with a heterosexual men and at the same time a lesbian relationship. The man is very good to me, and that woman is. I know at that time, actually I don't like the man and the woman.

For my own, I don't mean to hide. I don't think what's wrong with bisexual women or gay people. Some people think that gay nausea, if you think so then I will be very earnest of say to you, that's because you're a heterosexual person, so what do you think of gay nausea. If you are also is gay, so see you said don't you say your sick.

Remember someone once said, love is regardless of national boundaries, regardless of their race. In fact, I also want to add: love is equally regardless of their gender. So for gay people or bisexual people, I always support. As for bisexual friends like I should be glad, for the rest of your life, after all, in terms of love that won't be sad, and gay is different.

This society is very narrow and cruel. Everyone think unreasonable for the society should not exist. But not everyone thought society is formed by people, why don't people to try their open-minded? Or so that society can good enough. So I personally think: bisexual people, or gay people. Those who have nothing to make people sick.