Tuesday, October 13, 2015

40 anniversary of Hillary and Bill Clinton, was still in bisexual dating sites

Against rivals the private lives of degradation is one of the most common part of the American political ecology, and americans are most likely to associated sex scandal is sex. Therefore, exposing political figure's privacy, especially sexual privacy, for moral criticism and manipulation of a topic, and then the most easy to operate to the mood of voters. Although this behavior embarrass the parties, they conform to the conditions in the United States.

On October 11, Hillary and Bill Clinton celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. For a pair of ordinary husband and wife, it would be a very happy day. But it happened that Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, happiness can't get up. Because they are not ordinary people, but the American household political star. Opponents of the sniper's shot, always difficult. It doesn't, Clinton's former mistress, nightclub singer Jennifer flowers, television journalist, just before the big day, the 40th wedding anniversary big new revealed the Clinton sex scandal.

A scandal: Hillary rodham Clinton is a bisexual woman, often on some bisexual dating sites. Former White House floral design director once spoken, first lady Hillary rodham Clinton was naked from the White House, the bathroom ran into the bedroom. In 2000, just have the U.S. media quoted a veterinarian, that Mrs Clinton has bisexual. , inside information, according to people familiar with Hillary in order to smooth the path to the presidency in 2016, plans to come clean about the political scandal with her insider or sex scandal. She will for the first time in his autobiography Open her always conceal the truth of his orientation: bisexual people. Doing so also helps to impress more bisexual people support and vote.

Scandal 2: as bisexual women, Clinton also sexually active, debaucjed of private life, once the bed macho man retaliate. The daily mail was exposed, a former secretary of state Hillary Clinton because of dissatisfaction with the husband Clinton's private life, often on bisexual dating sites, can have as many male pleasure and sexual addiction. His aides had revealed her current erosion life, not only have a wild sex, male sexual partners are also required to take an aphrodisiac, etc. Hillary Clinton is inseparable from the men's sex, but also because of her I think, it can not only slow the aging, also can revenge is not loyal to her husband at the same time.