Saturday, October 10, 2015

A bi woman looking for a girlfriend 

A bisexual woman looking for a girlfriend, but her boyfriend want to monopolize the bisexual women. The woman said: "I now and a man together, but my heart has been thinking about a female female, I can't afford to give her the satisfaction of material, to rely on her side, can't afford to give when she was tired and I'm in. Men have to rely on my side, was going to break up, but he did not agree, I struggle, in fact, I really don't know what you promised him; Do I return this relationship or no matter how to break the relationship with her.

Single from the point of this matter, for a broad-minded person there will be no such trouble. Selfish paranoid of greed, the bisexual woman's boyfriend, the disease is four attacks. No matter how do you say this boyfriend, all because of narrow so hold have other lovers, because selfish don't want to share them with others, because of greed, so want to commandeer.

Bisexual women have to have enough intelligence to harness a man and a woman. As a bisexual women more difficult. So excellent talents can be a successful bisexual people.