Monday, October 12, 2015

American Apparel filed for bankruptcy

Believe that all of the Gay, lesbian, bisexual men and women, and transgender all know that American Apparel, the launch of the "Gay is OK" clothing and accessories, as well as many LGBT friendly advertising clothing brands, has filed for bankruptcy.

The company not only sales, but also deeply in debt, Mired in crisis management, its owner recently announced an agreement aimed at "restructuring its financial condition".

As is known to all, American Apparel has been continuously support the LGBT community, has launched a series of ads to promote equality.

LGBT activists around the world are often in the brand of "Legalize Gay" and "Gay is OK" series clothing, including before the 2014 Olympic winter games in sochi, a challenge Russia anti-gay law clothing series.

American Apparel has pride parade distributed all over the world more than 50000 pieces of free t-shirts, launched by same-sex couples kissing and holding hands as the theme of advertisement, expressing support for gay people and bisexual people.

In addition, when the bisexual people meet,they often invite starring LGBT culture celebrities, including RuPaul family of American Apparel advertising girl Willam, Alaska and Courtney Act, and trigger a viral sensation Brendan Jordan.

"American Apparel think about sex, we should celebrate, not blame," wrote the company website.

"American Apparel believe in freedom, peace, etc., and the ban on gay marriage is essentially to condemn this concept."

"A lot of our employees and customers are lesbian people, gay people, bisexual men or transgender, we the company very publicly support to protect the rights of gay."

However, the company said its founder misconduct occurred last year, and fired them. Dov Charney is suing the company for defamation and fraud.

Debt crisis, sales and management of the company has made "overwhelmed" the iconic teen apparel retailers, retail analyst firm Conlumino Neil Saunders said.

He added: "from our point of view, bankruptcy protection is American Apparel the only viable option, the company in a $311 million debt, as well as many company litigation, including its founder Dov Charney filed lawsuit."