Thursday, October 8, 2015

Apple pushed gay expression, silicon valley technology circles more gay and bisexual

Apple in the latest iOS upgrade, introduces the same-sex emoticons (mainly for gay people and bisexual people), by orthodox Christian activists, lawyers yaroslav mihajlovic, rove, violations of the law of Russia in 2013 related charges.

Apple's support for gay is not from the beginning, the President of the cook "coming out" in the front all events since needless to say, apple's corporate culture is also agree with gay and bisexual, silicon valley and even the whole circle of science and technology has a profound culture. In traditional ideas, meet bisexual people and gay people veiled in has always been a sensitive topic. Why in the circle of science and technology, which can probe into the edge culture, and even has a tendency to occupy the mainstream?

Over the years, apple has never ceased to support gay culture. Last July, apple took part in one of the world famous "gay pride parade in San Francisco" gay pride parade. Cook named "Alabama hall of fame" published on the advance LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual people and transgender) speech. In addition, cook in December last year also devoted to the American civil rights movement Project One America donate a lot of money.

In June, cook and on behalf of the company, expressed support for "gay pride parade. On June 26, after the United States Supreme Court declared same-sex marriages legal, cook in the first time post express joy, apple also opened up a Appstore for gay zone, to celebrate the American progress on LGBT rights.

Cook once said, "I'm proud of he was gay, I think to be gay is one of the best gift god has given me". From the words we can also feel the attitude of support gay culture firmly. In the new system to join the apple gay couples behavior of emoticons to its previous efforts to support gay culture, compared is not surprising.

In silicon valley, gay, lesbian, and bisexual men and women, such as diversification of sexual orientation, is considered a very normal thing.