Saturday, October 10, 2015

Basic Instinct
Film was staged at the beginning, a man and a woman in bed making love. Orgasm is coming, the woman tied the man's hand on the head of a bed, and then take out a piece of ice piton from under the bed, the man's head struggled to stab.

Film surface is about sexual perversion together to solve a murder process description of the story, and is, in fact, a primitive sexual desire, a repressed to subconscious instinctive demand, impulse. And Nick and Catherine, between beth, Catherine and sex with beth, Roxy, describing the most original human sexual instinct to get incisively and vividly, especially makes Nick Catherine into a maelstrom of love and murder, was her sexual attraction breached the Nick's heart, a few times and Nick during sex, while Nick has murdered danger but still enjoy the moment, as we say die under the peony of, do ghost also romantic. Film a lot of sexual material are used to describe a person's character, personality, thoughts, hint. Catherine analysis focus on how to use sex to the heart broken Nick, and before you know it was Nick into the inner world, fell in love with Nick.

Catherine is a best-selling author of smart, sexy, beautiful also has a degree in psychology. She is confident that can control everything, she know the male sexual weakness, believe that men are hard to resist her sexual temptation, she didn't wear underwear shot several times, when was taken to the police station for questioning, facing five long asked, she's just deliberately cross in feet, arts of privates, the inspector (Nick is one of the) began to hot heads, scene slowly for Catherine. Catherine said to Nick, she is writing a novel, is a detective fell in love with a shouldn't love a woman, at last the woman had killed the inspector. Her confidence suggests that Nick even know I will be very dangerous, and her but Nick will fall in love with her, will still be put into her arms. When Nick have sex with her, like a murder plot progress, she was Nick orgasm coming, tied Nick's hand on the head of a bed, Nick with fear, fear and confidence that she will not kill his contradiction, Nick is still choose to enjoy the instinctive reaction is difficult to control.

Catherine was also a bisexual people, every time she make love with others, will make his girlfriend rossi peep, she thought we were around her, love her, is under her control. Due to Catherine and Nick sex to rossi intentionally, that rossi is very jealous, tried to drive by Nick, result oneself elderly. From the point of delio rossi kill Nick things, may have found that Catherine fell in love with Nick, when Catherine's novel finished, according to the plot in the book, the role of Nick is dead. But Nick still live, self-confident Catherine began to spiral out of control at ordinary times, overwhelmed, she is afraid of losing, on the one hand, if she is a murderer, maybe she is afraid of man is love, not love her, so only to die in her hands, can truly with each other. If she is not the murderer on the other hand, she is afraid people will leave her, will die one by one.

At the end of the film, the cone, hiding under the bed Catherine the murderer is Catherine not to analysis, surface although Catherine can dominate Nick's life, in fact, Catherine has been dominated by Nick, because Nick in the end the period of primitive sexual instinct, to a relationship, a love.