Monday, October 12, 2015

Bisexual people and gay favorite tourist destination

Interweave the canal that beautiful scenery, "water" is more than the beauty of the golden age, was old and had great taste, is almost a living museum. Close waterway and these lovely streets apart a piece of a piece of land, flocks of seagulls flying between the waterways and buildings, bully the feeding ducks in the water, like the Venice of the north.

And made him famous is here, open sex culture. There's a famous red light district, has spread, common and cheap sex museum, there are more than 60 kinds of fine arts, the art museum. There are different color of skin race, different dress; Tourists and locals, beggars and busker, dwarf on a giant and more than two meters tall, mixed, but looked one integrated mass, lively and orderly. Crowd bustling streets, everywhere with community atmosphere. Amsterdam is more like a "petty Philistine city". Of the city's people hurry, serenely coolly, a normal appearance. Amsterdam seemed to fit all weird and alternative.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is the first big city, where there are beautiful scenery, mild climate, four seasons and pleasant, grass evergreen in the city, the carpet of flowers were multiple parks (such as Stanley park and queen Elizabeth park), plus the city mountain, the sea and the forest surrounding temperature, the ethnic diversity of the area, and is noted for its rich cultural resources, all is the selling point to attract the tourists, made her a Canadian tourist resort, is gay people and bisexual people elected the best tourism cities in Canada.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, referred to as "Buenos Aires, Argentina's biggest city, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, the city street park, square, and numerous monuments, city building more influenced by European culture, still retain a few centuries ago in Spain and Italy style of ancient architecture, known as the" Paris of the South American "of reputation.

Of the nightlife lively, bustling, people are generous, open, and he is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, so attracts many gays and lesbians, bisexual of tourists come to local proportion is as high as 20%, equivalent to 500000 people a year, has become a global bisexual men and women are one of the favorite tourist destination.

The capital of new south wales and Australia's oldest city, here has a dot, style each has his strong point beach, colorful street view, restored and elegant architecture, elegant environment, fresh air in the central coast, bold and impressive. In march of each year on the first Saturday of the gay pride parade is held here, gay pride parade in Sydney also added one scene.

Australia is the world's one of the few countries recognise same-sex marriage, in this case, can meet bisexual people and gay people, can enjoy the same rights and ordinary people, can register get married, can also be adopted children, organize their own family, so gay camp here is very powerful. Gay parade in Sydney are gay and bisexual from all walks of life, there are some people around the world come together.

San Francisco
San Francisco is a city of authentic advocate "diversity". Here, the gay people and bisexual people with great aplomb with rainbow flags in housetop, and an adjunct to the heterosexual; You can see the top of the head of red and green hair young street, openly gay couples kissing in the street. On this land, any novelty won't attract other people look askance, everyone is a maverick model. Most local residents living in San Francisco "feel very satisfied".