Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bisexual bar

Now, bisexual exposure and reported more and more, also gradually revealed its some mysterious face a kind of insect. In fact, people used to know consciousness or bisexual people, just not as understanding now.

Remember every time go shopping, go tired I will go and sit at the top, it is a place of rest and eat, I can see a lot of bisexual men and women, they look very neutral, some feeling inside she is think you are a man or woman, they whisper, not very strange feeling, also did not care to look around, and a time to see a very beautiful, the make-up dress fashion, and around her are all gay people, neutral, obviously, she is also one of them, just different role. Work units used to have a colleague is bisexual women, our boss is also a bisexual, also kept a small white face.

Now whether heterosexual, bisexual, in be familiar, found that even accept it. Now the domestic bisexual bar can be seen everywhere, bisexual dating sites, bisexual married and so on. Believe that later can more easily meet bisexual people, there will be more and more bisexual people live a happy life.