Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bisexual female college students out of the ark

Bisexual is now less discrimination, even there are a lot of entertainment industry artists and admitted to being a bisexual people. Although the United States declared same-sex marriages legal, but the "comrades" all of the world. A university girl at the graduation ceremony for the principal Luo Jun announced the coming out, get the principal's hug.

Girls at the scene of the graduation ceremony, to come out to the headmaster said: "the principal can you do with me, come on hand gestures for bisexual people, gay people, these minority pep talk?" The principal then make the same gesture with her encouragement. Every love promised to give the initial respect and tolerance, love is without borders, unmanned, colorless, nonsexual. This is not only bisexual memorable event in the history, also is a milestone in the history of the whole human tolerance, I believe that as more and more people are tolerant, prejudice and discrimination caused by the tragedy can also be less and less, and the world will be getting better and better.

In our life, is not willing to accept the bisexual, repel bisexual men and women. So a lot of bisexual men and women in daily life can only hide their sexual orientation, for bisexual people, this can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. But like a man hiding in the cupboard, living in the dark. A few brave bisexual willing to publicly acknowledged that he is bisexual, this like jump out of the cabinet, so this is called come out of the closet.