Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bisexual killer

Recently, the "Chinese students in Canada porn actor dismembered corpse" shame news triggered a global concern. Due to the victims of the event is a compatriot, the Chinese are especially concerned about. But it is the most shocking events, "dismembered body shame" four words also is hardly enough to show what exactly did the murderer.
Through the murderer has been arrested his horse mourinho tower to upload video, people all over the world recognize that the cruelty of human nature of abnormal can arrive what extent. Feel deep sorrow for the victims at the same time, people can not help but ask, how is it that this "ripper ogre" tempered? Our side will appear this kind of devil?

Horse mourinho tower is a bisexual people, he said he only heterosexual couples is his true love, and as a gay to call male prostitute, just for a living. And had expressed as call pimp feel very humiliation. Horse mourinho tower or a fan of cruelty to animals, he once uploaded a torturing cats and kill the video, it also caused a stir in Canada. Over the past two years, animal protection organizations have been looking for a "pet" abuse. Now the police have identified the horse mourinho tower is a cat. In 2004, the horse mourinho tower had conspired with others to deceive a woman $17000, and the woman of sexual abuse. Later, the horse mourinho tower pretending to be a victim's apply for a credit card consumption. To this end, the horse mourinho tower was sentenced to nine months conditional sentence, probation for a year. Parole conditions include a ban on with other people's credit CARDS, identification documents, such as mobile phones or pagers, do not use the Internet or email, also do not have a miniature camera, digital camera or video cameras. Seemed that the court has to know their bad behavior.

According to a former friend horse mourinho tower, colonel magno tower is not born killer. His life have been unfortunate, at the age of 16 because parents opposed bisexual orientation and run away from home, then when call male prostitute was gang-raped. First friend said, "it is because the living environment of the reason that he didn't become a capricious person, an emotional person, or on the path of ripper cannibalism." From family horse mourinho tower are described in more detail after the incident refused to his life experience, horse mourinho tower is a bad relationship with the family members should be deemed. An unnamed horse mourinho tower's family said, "when he was young, he has hurt his family".