Friday, October 9, 2015

Bisexual people more pain than the gay people

Actually feel really bisexual people more pain than the gay people, they wander in between the sexes, many of them are looking forward to one side can put them aside, fork in the road of choice is always difficult! May, when he met a true of the person you like, he can for his efforts to change, just, boundless and indistinct sea, really worth people and how many! Perhaps you will say, the other party don't mind ah, but, when you really love a person, love is selfish, love of one party want to complete possession of the other half, what do you think is likely to allow sex with each other in the mind of another a place? You don't worry about his do excuse me you everyday? It would probably be the trigger, accumulate over a long period, will one day be broke out!

Read "brokeback mountain," know that seemed to tell between the two men to die of love, this kind of love, in the eyes of the secular is not easy to be accepted. So they have to forbear, love have to pain. In "brokeback mountain", Jake and Heath and have their respective chamber, but also always thinking about each other, eventually led to the tragedy of the two families! To secular vision to complete a marriage and family pressure, yourself, also hurt each other. Perhaps the most embarrassing, but also lies in the fact that the moment was exposed embarrassed!

Life is equal, no heterosexual, gay, bisexual, helpless time evolution created a bisexual people hide situation today, this is the back or progress? There is no denying the fact that a lot of people bisexual men and women holding the disgusting attitude, now many countries have admitted that the identity of gay marriage, have to say is the result of many years of struggle...