Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bisexual people

Bisexual the word often give a person a kind of negative feelings, but also do not stand firm, dissolute. Bisexual people suffered the disdain of society, is even referred to as the "universal plug". In today's society, there are too many people on the bisexual people don't understand, and even some people don't even know the existence of bisexual people. They think, bisexual people even worse than the gay people, gay people can recognize their own direction, understand their own pursuit of what is, bisexual people, however, lost in the pursuit of the object itself, like the opposite sex, is the pursuit of the opposite sex, when like gay, and to pursue the same sex. And they often play in between the sexes, and sometimes accept gay, and accept the opposite sex, seems to be playing with others.

In addition, there are many misunderstanding of bisexual, also some people think that bisexuality is immature behavior, bisexual people because they don't have to establish their sexual orientation, is still in groping for their real sexual orientation. They cannot distinguish the difference between love and friendship, as the growth of the age, the increase of life experience and life experience, they will eventually realize their position in life, at that time, they will automatically abandon bisexual people's identity, to restore a normal life. So they think that bisexuality is childish behavior, is lost, growth is just a temporary phenomenon, is not desirable behavior.

Actually bisexual is reasonable, can be accepted, whether the childish behavior, not in sexual orientation is made, but their attitude to love. Bi is the darling of god, not only gay like them, the opposite sex is also very addicted, it gives their greed enough guarantee. Although no link said sexual orientation and personality, but that both sexes the psychology of love, it is easy to cause serious damage to love them. Each bisexual people's situation is different, a bisexual people may at the same time to maintain the two kinds of gender and sex relationship, may also be sex relations with a kind of gender. Some of them prefer gay, others prefer the opposite sex. But these are not important, if we can keep a good attitude to the love, whether gay or bisexual, only the sexual orientation is different.