Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The bisexual woman life

Even if feel is absolutely straight, don't might fall in love with gay people, also a lot of latent bisexual people. May have been absolutely sure about their orientation is normal, you heart is a absolutely bisexual, at a particular moment, broke out in a different orientation. Among them, there are deep, shallow, have pointed out, but no matter how, their hearts are in love with a man and a woman. They are bisexual men and women.

Two years ago, if someone says I'm a bisexual woman I killed I also not line! Because I have a boyfriend love each other, we are looking forward to the marriage. But then she appeared, she and the other girl, she is very sunny and quiet, and she is so comfortable, I didn't think much at first, until she say to me... I just know, I can't refuse. Then I have been free in between her and her boyfriend, that is a kind of happiness to heaven, and sometimes the feeling of sadness fell to hell. I decided to get married, want to use this way to force his way back to a normal life, but even so, she did not leave me, don't reject I have marriage, that I still have what reason to give up her?

To tell the truth, bisexual people is an embarrassing group. For GAY, it is the most taboo and dislike their people, they are reaction "you can't fully point, for this kind of contradiction, absolute contempt." For social inclusion degree now, being gay is usually as a symbol of social reputation, so bi is also used as not publicly declared himself is euphemistic term for gay people. For men and women, to meet the heart happy, at the bottom of my heart will throb, in his own heart or is there a template for both men and women, only meet in the template type, can attract themselves, not as long as you are a man or a woman, as long as grow handsome or beautiful to sink in that one.

Since all like, on a piece of course is a good thing, in fact we are all ordinary people, as well as to and from work every day entertainment life, I'm bisexual, just a slight deviation on sexual orientation. It is important to live together, happy, happy, dispute, be agitated and so on, this is called a "feeling" guy at work.