Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Canada is not heaven bisexual 

Many countries of bisexual control strictly, bisexual as crime, while Canada has always been considered to bisexual people friendly countries, so many bisexual men and women go to Canada to seek asylum, settled in Canada, meet bisexual people.

However, Canada is not bisexual men's and women's haven, is not who can get to taste. First of all, the Canadian immigration to the applicant to prove himself is bisexual. Take out the evidence of bisexual talk easy? And other types of immigration, bisexual immigration takes more procedures. Some bisexual people, the country's policy, has been hiding identity, did not dare to open their sexual orientation, now face to face frankly, the immigration officials to make a lot of pressure to the applicant, is difficult to say. But the Canadian law, the applicant to seek asylum, must provide evidence that the applicant's sexual orientation, such as a police report, medical cases, or write the certificate of family and friends. For the applicant, the process is like a defence in court, to prove his innocence, let a person feel humiliated, tortured and uneasy, afraid to be deported.

After authentication, there are other immigrants close to, so, for the applicant bisexual, future is dim, the road is tortuous, Canada is not imagination of so good, his arms, warmly welcome the arrival of the bisexual.