Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cook said: gay and bisexual equality is still a long way to go

Cook to use its own platform as a leader of technology giants to for gay people and bisexual people rights, in addition to some states allow small businesses based on religion, refuse to provide service to homosexuality and bisexuality legislation, cook will come out against.

In the speech, cook said: "sometimes, you just need to speak boldly admits that he is gay or bisexual, people will hear your voice, know lesbian, gay, bisexual and not a restriction," cook said. "You need to hear your voice, can know you are gay people or bisexual people, become any kind of people you want to be in life become a CEO or mp, the Olympic athletes, award-winning actors and actresses and so on. Daring to meet bisexual people and gay people, brave and bisexual men and women date."

About 3000 people for dinner that evening, vice President Joe Biden also praised the cook, cook said very understand for America's economic strength, equality is very important part of it.

Cook said in the speech, apple will be in the forefront of fight for equal rights. "We will play its role, play an important role. Apple's role is to continue to develop to all, regardless of where they came from, regardless of their color of skin, no matter what their beliefs, no matter who they love."

In June this year, the United States Supreme Court justices 9 to 5 votes for 4 against as a result, to make a decision: the United States cannot ban on gay marriage, which means that gay marriage will be legal in all 50 states.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in judgment: "there is no binding energy is more meaningful than marriage. People have the right to require to get married, that is not to denigrate their marriage, but by ties of marriage, live their life, treasure the spouse memories." In the United States Supreme Court made the decision after U.S. President barack Obama is the first time on twitter, said: ruled same-sex marriage is a big step towards equality.

U.S. Supreme Court the decision consistent with the current U.S. public opinion, as in the previous, a poll shows 60% of americans approve of gay marriage, but on a decade ago, the people only 37% the proportion of people agree with gay marriage.

After speculation about the cook is also very much, then cook in 2014 formally announced he was gay, in a statement issued last year, he said Martin Luther King has a famous saying: "life's most persistent and urgent question is - what do you do for others." He doesn't want the pursuit of personal privacy has been hampering him to do more important things, so he decided to publicly acknowledge.