Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Her husband is a gay or bisexual

Said unsatisfactory sex problem, recently received a lady a lot of short messages in a row, declare the misery of her sex: "love is very normal, after 3 years of marriage her husband began to have no interest in sex, hanging, so far there are 7, 8 years, we have no sex life! I'm sure he didn't have an affair, communicate with him many times, he refused to answer. I have a home outside the home is pay attention to dress, is fatigue?"

After hearing the first feeling, her husband is a gay or bisexual; The second sense, hiv-infected people. The first possibility is bigger, because is not interested in his wife gradually, not sudden, so know the possibility of HIV infection and the protection of the goodwill his wife is not very big. Maybe someone will ask, not normal when you're in love? Within three years after marriage to have sex life, this is said bisexual people? In fact, a person's sexual orientation is not absolute, is a shaft, shaft at both ends of the representative of pure heterosexual sexual orientation or gay, and shaft is among various degrees of sexual orientation. Maybe the husband by chance found I am more interested in gay, overturned thoroughly their sexual orientation, again afraid said out his wife can't accept it, his face a lot of family and social pressure and even discrimination and accused, disintegration, etc., marriage, so he resolutely refused to and his wife talk about this problem. Don't want women to enhance sexual knowledge, purely from their own to find the reason, with his wife now really is not a fable, it will happen around us. To know the truth can be better to make a decision! Brave to face the life!