Friday, October 9, 2015

Hermes apple watches

Mention some color, we will be conditioned to the heart speeds up, anticipation, such as: Tiffany &co, Cartier carmine blue, of course, and the orange Hermes. Product packaging is a prelude to enjoy luxury: a rustle of sound translucent packing tissue; Edges smooth delicate ribbons; There are unique to hermes, a famous orange box. Packaging is not a package, gift box is the symbol of hermes, indicate how amazing things inside... Anyway, you won't be disappointed about it. How to be too stressed the importance of gift box, "one of the spirit of the hermes is surprise." Its artistic director Pierre - Alexis Dumas explains, "orange box is a surprise."

Hermes orange was first used during world war ii, to now it has a long history. At that time the orange card is the only material suppliers can be found. Goods hoarding at random to make orange color is different, it was not until 1949 that color was fixed to the permanent memory of the war years (although the color more bright-coloured, even bring a person the sense of pleasure). Now, the famous orange box is experiencing an unprecedented challenge, because another brand also will occupy the sacred place inside it. With elegant and gracious font spell "Hermes", will appear soon another company Logo of the same kind - were fruit, apple with a bite. A special type of apple watches will hide in the box (October 5, priced at $1100), it showed the hermes style dial, digital and fonts - which was the inspiration for Clipper, Cape Cod and Espace watches. This watch not only for straight people, can also according to gay people and bisexual people. By this watch, can meet bisexual people, also can go to a bisexual date.

"Hermes and apple use materials are of an essentially normal, but we use professional and carefully put them into a perfect products. Of course, different strap choose different cortical this let me very touched, but I had anticipated. Let me more touches is covered with strap material inside the packaging, its only purpose is to prevent the strap is damaged in the transport, but the work required to make the material is great. It is this professional and meticulous make ordinary materials into incomparable products."

Apple has is one of the world's most valuable company, so whether, like the orange hermes, tiffany blue and Cartier carmine many luxury goods, such as color, the cooperation with apple, white is just around the corner?