Friday, October 9, 2015

Hillary defection TPP 

In his political career, Hillary Clinton has won a unfortunately she deserved reputation on vague language package, frequently in principle of tactical adjustments.

The democratic presidential race leader this week's defect related to the pact. This is an involved 12 asia-pacific countries start trade agreement, the framework agreement this week. Although Clinton carefully, don't make yourself totally against's position, but she said she did not approve of her know about the TPP.

This position is almost ridiculous. As us secretary of state, Hillary Clinton closely involved in the she now against the TPP negotiations. The episode highlights her presidential candidacy wider problems, namely the lack of credibility, makes the position of many voters told her she can't grasp (if she has any position).

Hillary Clinton political calculation foothold is not difficult to distinguish. She now is facing from the centre-left senator Bernie Sanders of vermont unexpectedly strong challenge, Sanders and many Democratic Party and the labor movement view the same the trade agreement, and Hillary Clinton have been working hard to win the support of the labor movement.

For Mrs Clinton, however, take a position of doubt represents a naked opportunism. U.S. secretary of state, she had left the TPP referred to as the "gold standard" of trade agreements. When she advocated the economic functions of the state council, appointed the first ever chief economist of the state council, and the "economic governance" grandiose campaign, she repeatedly called the TPP America against the rise of Asian economies is the most important tool.

Hillary Clinton said today, her lack of response in the draft of the pact is misaligned exchange rates, terms and conditions in the executable for may be detrimental to the patient's drug patent protection. However, it should be clear that allows for the so-called currency manipulator retaliation rules, will almost certainly violate world trade organization (WTO) laws and regulations, it is impossible to work. In addition, over the past week has made one of the TPP agreement to reach a compromise, is involved in the United States for more than the existing domestic laws and regulations of the short of complex biological preparation of intellectual property protection.

Said in a set, not a said another -- Hillary rodham Clinton is not the first time to do so. Hillary Clinton and barack Obama in 2008 when the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, she once said to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, "to eliminate foreign companies for us to protect the workers move to prosecute our ability". And in 2009 joined the Obama administration, Clinton changed the policy, support the TPP in similar clause "investors - national dispute settlement". This year, Hillary Clinton to elections, had suddenly and violently oneself is bisexual women, mainly to close bisexual people and gay people.

In trade agreements, Democrats have a greater. In 1993, her husband to pay a lot of political capital to the North American Free Trade Agreement in the obstinate congress passed, on the number of jobs created by the Agreement will boast the haikou. When the agreement was disappointing, average wages continue to stagnate in the United States, many Democrats became against globalization in general, especially against the trade agreements.

Hillary Clinton repeatedly switch sides between for and against trade agreement, it is impossible to eliminate the doubt and disillusioned mood. She carefully consider the comments this week show that in her nomination battle, political reform factors greatly outweighed the principle. Hillary Clinton is an area where needs to be clear and honest sow more confused and vague.