Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How can from the eyes to distinguish sexual orientation?

October 2, British diving star daley announced her engagement to gay people, now such a handsome man is a man robbed, the girls can make. All say the eyes are the window to the soul, look at my eyes, will be able to determine whether he really for you. Now, scientists tell us that observing eyes, can also be learned that his sexual orientation, don't rob his love wrong.

How can from the eyes to distinguish sexual orientation?Team for a total of 165 men and 165 women were measured. The beginning of the investigation, the participants wearing special infrared lens can measure pupil change, watched the first 1 minute of landscape as a control, and random watched a 30-second film male/female masturbation as a visual stimulation. Later, repeat the entire process, but this time from male and female visual stimulus appears on the screen at the same time.

After twice, the subjects were asked to 1 to 7 step for the characters in the film attracted to them on a scale of one divided into no interest, divided into 7 very interested; And with 0 to 6 gears do self assessment of their sexual orientation, 0 for straight people, 6 for gay people, 0 to 6 is bisexuality among people.

Team found that for men, straight in the face of the opposite sex dilated pupils more obvious, and gay male pupils will enlarge more obvious in the face of the gay. As for bisexual men, whether in the face of homosexual or heterosexual, pupils are exaggerated, but degree is not big. The three formed a relatively good linear relationship.

In women, the situation is slightly different. Think of themselves as pure heterosexual women in see gay, pupil still increased, makes curve left end up slightly. But think of themselves as bisexual women are facing the same or the opposite sex, the pupil has enlarged.

In addition, the team also found that while heterosexual men and gay men, respectively, in the face of oneself be fond of, and not be fond of of gender, the degree of dilated pupils than bisexual people, however, heterosexual women facing women, instead of the pupil is bisexual women more enlarged. When meet bisexual people, pupil dilation in chengdu is still greater.

Don't all women have become a lesbian or bisexual women tendency? The team think this is just appearance, has a certain evolutionary significance behind it. Then America's case western reserve university professor Roy baumeister believe that at the time of the propriety not hing, women in order to avoid the reluctant sex organ damage, evolved a just accept to sexual stimulation will in vaginal endocrine lubricant protection mechanism, no matter male or female from is this sexual stimulation.

Finally, the researchers also said that tests people's sexual orientation is not absolute, after breaking the qualitative orientation method is a level of excitement in the organs, they hope to through the pupil observation research, provide a way of not too easy to cause embarrassment to break the qualitative orientation.