Saturday, October 10, 2015

How a man from his underwear to see women's sex

Super sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe, fan cool in her skirt wave, exactly have to wear underwear, is the most hotly debated topic at that time, men. So, women's most mysterious underwear, seems to contain strong sex, this is already an open secret!

The woman for her sex, are used to hide in the bottom of the heart or in the fantasy of narcissism, almost no women will own "personal experience" to a "live", provide the public "anatomical study"?

Women, therefore, to keep a low profile on masturbation mostly the way and attitude, little imagine, but not consciously conditions, by their intimate underwear, will be the deepest heart desire for sex, sex, even expect and what kind of man of sex, all naked express themselves!

Dear female friends, what do you usually wear pants recently?

Temptation: black lace underwear is the basic equipped with A film actress, because this can arouse men underwear is the most primitive impulse, the men can't resist the temptation, so love woman wearing A black lace underwear, subconsciously want to conquer men, aphrodisiac, like enthusiasm bold way of sex, even looking forward to taste the pleasure of cheating, love become the focus of men attention!

Health: white cotton underwear. This type of women belong to the lively bright beautiful babe, like the pursuit of life, like the sunshine to the high expectations of the self, to practice their goals. To the requirement of the other half, hope he is a man spontaneously and free and easy, positive, eager to have a steadfast steady sex, more needs to be his thick body hugging feeling!

Lovely type: printing design briefs. This type woman is smaller than the lack of independent woman, for love or sex with expectation and psychological fear of being hurt, can't literally try, everything unquestioning, very conservative self sustaining. But if a partner is very active and strong, could set off a warm response, but afterwards remorse and regret!

Romance: pink underwear. The sweet, tender and attractive woman is the type of performance, the sex is full of romantic fantasy and shy conservative missish, like gentle prattle and sweet kiss, look forward to coming and his handsome prince charming romantic to enjoy all things.

Active: bright color pants. This type woman doesn't like consciously take the initiative in the subconscious, expect to guide each other into his heart or body, this woman is simply, easy in common, can't stand the style of male chauvinism.

Roll with the punches type: worn panties. Also loathe to give up the discarded female underwear babes hole, she almost burst for the fantasy of love, or even as a routine about sex, like to eat, go to the toilet without feeling, also take conservative mindset of appointed for life, like being bitter, also not satisfied with the current conditions, the type of is a very contradictory.

Flat type: broad loose pants. This type woman for sex has long been the lack of mystery, the partner is not too demanding that he must in the romantic atmosphere or sweet sweet smell, although occasionally to have a good time, but the lack of romantic feeling. This type of woman for his easy because too lazy to dress up and become very literally.

Bold hot type: don't wear underwear. This type woman is bold, strong and loose the subconscious mind, likes all kinds of novel and pleasure of sex, whether it's a lesbian or bisexual women, there are full of curiosity, not bound by traditional morals, wild enthusiasm to express themselves, is a popular women's suffocating.