Saturday, October 10, 2015

How many times have sex is normal
Other information provided by general social survey, points out that more than 20 years old couples have sex 111 times per year on average, after each drop of close to 20% increase frequency of sex at the age of ten. This data, however, may be is not very accurate, and is likely to be higher than the actual number many, even if the data is provided by the general social survey. That is to say, most people actually had sex, is much less than their report.

Nowadays, people not only is identified as heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual people and asexual such changing our logo. No matter use what terms, more and more people have agreed to spontaneously asexual or only a few sexual interest in sexual behavior is also no problem. In other words, they understand and agree that only when the lack of sex to a person and his or her intimate partner brings obvious distress, becomes a problem.

The simple fact is that for what people like people, like more frequent sex, and like to make love with who, human gender led to a big difference. Further said that these desires related to frequency of sex, can significantly affected by all kinds of internal and external factors: age, physical health, psychological well-being, emotional intimacy, drug treatment, drug abuse, sad, work and/or economic stress, hormone imbalance, and so on. Understand this, it is easy to understand, for how much you should have this problem, the sex is not a standard answer.

If you are satisfied for the currently has the number of sex, then you already have the appropriate number of sex. Even if you have the number of sex is "very little" or "no". Like people can meet bisexual people or gay people, people can also be a excessive sexual and asexual or any other type. And that not one of them which one must be a mistake. Sexual activity as long as you didn't cause you stress and anxiety, not reduce your self-esteem, not hurt others, don't break the law, not create problems for you, also did not have negative consequences for life, you need not worry.