Thursday, October 8, 2015

I am a bisexual woman

Like most bisexual women, I am a women, have had two boyfriend, a girlfriend, now in love a woman and start an intimate relationship with her.

Been raised as an ordinary woman, I can feel the social expectations of what women, faced with the same woman, I always have a kind of do the feeling. This common destiny and because I work in the sex brings to life the keen sense of "gender" pressure let me cherish me and one woman, and more willing to listen to and understand the various women lust of the story, because the man's story has heard enough, and sometimes make me feel boring.

I and a woman's sexual experience, more let I shall not contain more love "woman". For the first time realized he can love a woman, it is on an event. A bar, and then through the effects of alcohol, sex with her. So, I on the path of the bisexual people.

I still remember the first time contact with the kind of tension and expectation, the female body touch the woman delicate skin, soft breasts, small flexible fingertips when that kind of intimacy and sense of security. Meticulous gives me a shock of body and mind of soft creamy hot and damp comfort, let me hard to forget those day and night. I have seen more powerful than man, more enthusiastic woman, she is full of vitality and vigor, curious about the world and life with, enthusiasm and ambition. Her on the bed, also an aspirant, like me, we are so eager to and the other side of the body contact and touching, kissing in any place: in the street, coffee shop, party, home... We explore the possibility of a person's body, every day she claims on my body and the skin is full of desire, as of a wild beast want to kiss my body of each hole, with her fingers and tongue, let me crazy again and again, like a was thrown to the shore fish jumping and screaming. I never like this love a woman's body and vagina...

Sex between men, and I can feel their penis erection, throbs, and the change of the body, but this is far from a woman's clitoris let me throb empathy and inner wave. And a man on the bed, the initiative always seems to be the man, this is, of course, and by men and women have other rights culture since we were children.

Since I became a bisexual woman, I began to consciously fight for "dominance" in bed, especially when sleep with men. Because many men really not bed is tasted, the bed only, so can be control have to fight for. Anyway, then I began to learn to take the initiative to fall man, let the boys meet again I will say. There is a saying "sex with men, and women have sex". And women make love, like to kiss and touch, pleasure to each other, the relationship is more equal without oppressive feeling.

Sometimes think, I finally discovered the secret of all man, woman really great! When you capture the embrace of the body of a woman after the wonderful feeling, you did not want to give up on her opportunity, just as when you had free will not willing to once again hand over it. Think about every morning to wake up in the arms of a woman, life will be beautiful.