Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'm a bisexual woman

I never denied that I'm a bisexual woman. I can accept half man, half woman can accept. I have no special for their sexual tendency to conceal, so long as is my good friend all know I'm a woman of bisexual.

I have a very good elder brother, he is a GAY, he's got character. He always knew my sexuality. He was joking said to me: "if you can't find the true of the person you like, I got married and elder brother, you what I know!" I once with a heterosexual men and at the same time a lesbian relationship. The man is very good to me, and that woman is. I know at that time, actually I don't like the man and the woman.

For my own, I don't mean to hide. I don't think what's wrong with bisexual women or gay people. Some people think that gay nausea, if you think so then I will be very earnest of say to you, that's because you're a heterosexual person, so what do you think of gay nausea. If you are also is gay, so see you said don't you say your sick.

Remember someone once said, love is regardless of national boundaries, regardless of their race. In fact, I also want to add: love is equally regardless of their gender. So for gay people or bisexual people, I always support. As for bisexual friends like I should be glad, for the rest of your life, after all, in terms of love that won't be sad, and gay is different.

This society is very narrow and cruel. Everyone think unreasonable for the society should not exist. But not everyone thought society is formed by people, why don't people to try their open-minded? Or so that society can good enough. So I personally think: bisexual people, or gay people. Those who have nothing to make people sick.