Thursday, October 8, 2015

British bisexual who love affair

Open the newspaper, you may feel an affair is rampant. Because in Britain's top-selling Sunday newspaper, front sheet of the reporting and often cheat on story, seems to infidelity is Britain's biggest news. The news is likely to be the leading role of politicians, members of the royal family, or football stars. These people are probably a lot of gay people or bisexual people.

Love, such as Britain's former health minister, Carrie, she had an affair with former prime minister John Major. In a sex scandal that Carrie once said, "americans often idealize their national leaders, if they are found" disorderly personal life, americans would be surprised; whereas britons enjoy seeing their heroes tumble, and believe that behind every squeaky-clean image some sleaze. If they are wrong, in the end will be very disappointed."

About cheating, Britain has made special investigation, according to the survey, as many as 4 million British husband or wife by more than one 6 of married people admit have had sex outside marriage. A large part of these people are bisexual men and women. They like to go to meet bisexual people. Even more shocking is that after a long-term relationship of couples are cheating behavior - one in every five people admit that sex and lovers. Londoners overall in terms of sexual behavior is conservative, only 7% of londoners recognition and other than the spouse sex; In Scotland, this proportion is as high as a third. Most londoners are over the age of 18 virgins. Aged 16-24 British the average age of first sexual relationship is 15 years old, and their grandparents that generation is 19 years old. Survey also reflected, the male infidelity than women, 10 britons have seven basic satisfied, satisfied with their sex lives or have 4 people in every ten people use tools to gain satisfaction. In addition, to admit that you are gay people and bisexual people have 3% each.

Data from the outside of the UK media is slightly different. Had a survey showed that British people cheating ratio can be said to be the most of the "western". In more than forty in the western countries, the UK married people cheating ratio as high as 75%. Though many have an affair wife to admit that this is "immoral", but they still stressed that cheating can improve their self-confidence. They think, although should not keep this relationship, but the lover is necessary. Because valentine can make them enjoy more orgasm, want to say sweet nothings, which her husband had never mentioned that after marriage.

However, the above data analysis is not to say that British people don't mind cheating behavior in their lives. In fact, deduce the scenes of newspaper contains some rules in real life. Like americans, the British tend to believe that even a infidelity, is enough to have a reason to end a marriage. Just like people in other countries, infidelity is also taboo in the UK.

Then, in 2005 by a British company has launched a special online service (, service content for "date" for cheaters.