Monday, October 12, 2015

Maybe we have is bisexual

Lights out, my roommate to sleep, as if some words are used to knock, write something to sleep. I'm thinking about a problem, maybe at some point, we have is a bisexual people.

Sometimes I will suddenly think why the people around you are two people, why dormitory building is a pair of lovers, why should only I a person always carries an umbrella in the bag, at the time of thunder and lightning with earplugs ears hide in the quilt, no longer afraid something really not because of his strong, because know the man who can protect themselves. Habitual when thunder to press a string of Numbers, but dare not to dial out. Want to be warm, eager to be protected, this feeling is common in men and women body, we may just need who can warm us, and why they are male or female, why they are bisexual men and bisexual women? ​

May every person in the process of growing up is a lonely time, want to find someone to accompany, looking for someone to play the woman, looking for someone to comfort each other, but time will dilute all, at the beginning of the void is just on the spur of the moment. Stumbling strong, this is give meaning to our growth. Better ourselves, to deserve a better man. ​

At helpless we will become a world of a grain of dust, need to buy a pair of warm hand held us tightly in your hand, feeling the pulse of the heart is beating hard, you know, the warm, is the world. Once we were pretty fascination, obsessed with the hands tightly holding your hand, don't have to worry about the road ahead, is holding your direction. Happiness is good, whatever he is male is female? ​

Thank you I still is that dare to love dare to hate, thank I can nothing more lives, thank I still willing to believe that this world there is true love, thank you I still take the little idea to perfect myself to wait for the him. Probably encountered is met, why care about what the outside factors, race, nationality, gender, it doesn't matter. You is a person who can warm each other, that you are familiar with each other a little affectations know what each other need, you can be tightly embrace together in the middle of the night to listen to each other's symmetry breathing, these will be enough. ​

Maybe we have is bisexual, maybe we are bisexual, perhaps our future or bisexual, but what, happy enough. ​