Monday, October 12, 2015

Misunderstanding of bisexual women

Bisexual refers to sexual attracted to men and women at the same time. Bisexual people often blame, there are many misconceptions about bisexual women.

1. Misunderstanding: bisexual women are heterosexual
The truth: bisexual women attracted to men and women at the same time. Some bisexual women more like women, others are more like a man, and to the feeling of men and women equally. Whether they belong to which kind of, bisexual women can keep close relationship with a man or a woman.

2. Misunderstanding: bisexual women are gay
The truth: some women chose as bisexual women "last come out of the closet", because they are not sure their real sexual orientation, or that bisexual are easier to accept than gay. Bisexual may be a way leading to gay, but not all bisexual. On the contrary, some women to gay identity "last come out of the closet", but they feel bisexual is true gender identity.

3. The chaos bisexual female human nature
The truth: heterosexual and homosexual "camp", bisexual sex not sure what you want. Actually are heterosexual and homosexual friends not sure, bisexual know what they want: a man and a woman!

4. The bisexual women promiscuity
The truth: some people believe that since bisexual women like two kinds of gender, then they must have more sexual activity than others. The fact is, bisexual women and others, are diverse. Among them, someone will have a variety of sexual experience, others not.

5. Bi will never settle down
The truth: they never settle down, because they always opportunity to consider another gender. Bisexual, in fact, just like people, have the ability to maintain monogamy.