Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mr Putin see naked sister smile the demonstrations
When Mr Putin's visit to Germany hannover messe in Angela merkel visited the. As vladimir putin and merkel in spirits when talking about a car, mix in the press within the group of three women suddenly the police, they took off blouse, topless and shout slogans in English. Moreover, these slogans were they besmear beforehand on the body. In which a woman attempting to Mr Putin, she was stopped by security guards.

In the subsequent press conference, Mr Putin talked about the protests. He said: "as for the activity this time, I like it very much. You should thank the Ukrainian girl, just because of them, the attention of the expo becomes higher."

However, as to what these girls there Shouting slogans, "didn't catch that," Mr Putin said he even before "could see their hair is dark brown or black", how much it made him feel some regret. Putin also intends to show their "passion" of a gentleman. "Security staff is very strict. Several strong waist round people rushing up to them. I think, this is wrong, for they can be more moderate." Mr Putin said, for such protests had already used to it. "But, still had better not to disrupt the order." Discuss politics, "he said." it is better to put on clothes." He said, Mr Putin's words seem to be very soft. Finally, he also put themselves in consideration to the health of these women. "It's not cold, generally speaking, they don't have to worry about catch cold catch a cold." He said.

The storm, however, seems to the kremlin made another impression. It is understood that the kremlin has asked the German side of three protesters punishment measures. It is understood that these women is women's rights groups in Ukraine "feynman" members. "Feynman" for many young beauty. Street protest way including members of the group and police confrontation, or wearing a few clothes to show his dissatisfaction. Now in Ukraine, the group has a minor celebrity in the capital Kiev.

"Feynman" the protest action, it is a law against Russia is advancing. The law stipulates that spread to minors "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender" information will be deemed to be illegal. In addition, the law to ban all advocate bisexual and gay rights in public activities. In other words, the law is mainly aimed at gay people and bisexual peopleprevent them meet bisexual people. Now, waiting for through the law, it will eventually signed by Mr Putin.