Monday, October 19, 2015

My boyfriend is bisexual

I and my boyfriend for two years, has always been in good relationship, we never quarrel, sweet love, there are a lot of friends all envy us. In march, the two of us came to California, in order to have a care for each other, my boyfriend and I decided to rent a house together. Looking for a house because I find a job first thing falls on the boyfriend, soon, he found a nice house, everything he will move in and very neat, also added some daily necessities.

Next, I still to work on time, he went to look for a job, but half a month has passed, his work is not to carry out the down, not do not meet the requirements of his company, he didn't like the atmosphere of the company, or management system too let a person feel depressed. I'm overwhelmed, had to persuade him don't try so hard, the slowly.

Our landlord lives next door, something all right to come and chat at ordinary times, gradually he began his brother, and my boyfriend this boyfriend came to hand in the first friend after CA. The landlord was very enthusiastic, often to help her boyfriend to work, also to help him see the recruitment information online, see the right, just call my boyfriend.

At that time, I don't have to heart, the landlord said he and his girlfriend broke up in a month ago, maybe now just because lonely want to make some friends, a personal life sometimes is not easy, that kind of feeling I can understand very much, so I was how also didn't think because the landlord is actually bisexual people. I think he just need a friend to boredom, so there would be no care about, just then I found that the landlord like some bisexual dating sites, I didn't know that he is a bisexual man.

I had never expected that once because, in the middle of the night, found no one around, her boyfriend don't know when I have not in bed. Mobile phones and clothes are on the table, he is wearing pajamas in the middle of the night to go? Because the belly the badly, so also didn't care so much. When I came out from the bathroom, I suddenly a hunch that something was amiss, stand a tiptoe to the door of the house of the landlord. I stand ears, posted on the door edge, before long, he heard her boyfriend in the room the voice of the moaning. Immediately become troubled, swing a fist grips banging on the door. Her boyfriend appeared in the doorway with the landlord, numb and looked at me, her boyfriend to react first, came up to me, to pull my hand, I took him off, rushed back to his room. After I calmed down slightly, her boyfriend said he didn't know I recently is a bisexual people, under the pressure of work and life, slowly like this man accompanied him all the day. My love, did not give me any opportunity to refute, let me direct thoroughly lost to a man.

Always thought that, as long as their own efforts to struggle, there will be have the life that you want to. Here is not to the bisexual groups or gay groups do, just say, most love is similar to the love lost to time, all is lost to yourself, if you really love a person, want to be together with the rest, then remove a little time to care about the person you're concerned about your love.