Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sex life and work

Newspapers reported, the latest of the Australian population sex survey sponsored by dating website, and of 17000 australians "room fun" were investigated. In addition to the 75% of respondents were heterosexual people, another 4.9% of gay people and 19.3% of bisexual women and men. The census results will reveal some surprising data. Maybe you will feel before sex not related to work, so the latest sex census results will overturn your ideas. Survey, construction workers, lawyers, real estate brokerage and transportation of sex workers is most satisfactory, in contrast, financial professionals, IT male sex was dissatisfied or communication practitioners.

Australians "sex" investigation: professional related to sex. A, energy health can bring a good sex life. Construction workers are generally strong, full of vitality, at the same time, because of their low expectations, to the aesthetic of a woman is not too picky, so they can have a satisfactory sex life. Second, moderate distance can be brewing sexual passion, have sex. Transport workers in addition to health, due to their long time running out, a home is not easy, husband and wife have distance, making the passion of love beauty. Three, social status, influence a person's sex. It is understood that in the state when the lawyer's social status is very high, the status of the real estate brokerage is also high, it will greatly improve the community expectations in terms of mating and exchanges between the opposite sex. Four, excessive work pressure of depression. IT is understood that the financial practitioners, IT male or communication practitioners working pressure is very big, in Australia they face competition pressure, high pressure of life consumption of energy in the human body, depressed person's sex life.

Since then, sex is a logic may ask. To strengthen physical exercise at ordinary times, and pay attention to rest, let the body maintain vitality, is the premise to get sex. In life, have independent of each other's space, but also making an aspect of the passion of love. Sex is a kind of energy, usually learn to decompression, learn to balance life, this is an important aspect of getting a good sex life.