Monday, October 12, 2015

Something of bisexual people 

Through literature gay is not hard to find research articles are a dime a dozen, and pay attention to the articles of the bisexual is relatively scarce, how many people can say no serious study, people tend to think of the so-called bisexual but is fake, false, sick. In fact, everyone has the potential bisexual, it should be said with bisexual orientation to be more than gay people.

Men and women is the opposite sex, seem to should have a strong appeal to each other, but a man of both sexes showed sexual excitement, this disharmony of sexual excitement and apparently is a contradictory thing, easy to cause conflict. These people often experience pain and confused, because living in a disguise the reality orientation phase. Or it is just used to consciously or unconsciously denying real sexual orientation of the shield. To really understand the bisexual people will abandon the inherent bias of human sexuality, be sure to understand it from a broader perspective. Like many men and women pay more attention to practice SM if not each other's gender, but the other is the master of a potential partner or to obey.

Bisexual people often have such characteristics: most bisexual people first confirm that he's heterosexual, and by the adult didn't realize I am bisexual. Some lifelong gay people to the middle-aged spontaneously develop heterosexual marriage or interest, become a bisexual men or bisexual women. This kind of phenomenon in the 1980 s after the increase of the survey. Women are not so easy as men express their bisexual tendencies, such as their marriage is purely an arrangement of social similarity, the heterosexual men tend to block out the real bisexual ego identity. Meet with gender sexual excitement, but will bisexual men and women reported that they were more satisfied with her emotional. More easily and women in love, or pay more attention to and the feelings of women, but most people would have happened and sexual feelings. It is interesting to note some gay men would say sex more inclined to men, and feelings tend to be women (with its preference to define the orientation). Some lesbian sex appeal to men and women are all the same, but the emotional satisfaction comes from women (in emotional preference to define themselves). There are also some bisexual women think sex appeal more to come from men. Bisexual men think that their relationships with men maintain time is shorter in women. And bisexual women think they less number of sexual partners and the time a relationship between men and women are basically identical.

Many bisexual people reported that they pay attention to and attract some particular temperament, rather than gender itself, it is beyond the gender. Some bisexual women will say that women from men and women relation of things are not the same. Some people never understand exactly what their sexual orientation. In different stages of life may have a different choice and performance.