Saturday, October 10, 2015

Support the bisexual Hillary as President 

What is a women's rights, is to marry a woman like a man to do a wife, is the equality between men and women. Men can do women's wife is the society of women's rights. As long as I like I will marry a man for my life. To marry a woman to do it right. You will need to be perfect bisexual female talents. When the bisexual Hillary Clinton became the most powerful of the President of the United States, is mankind's bisexual woman the beginning of a new era. The political position in the history of human culture inevitably more than Elizabeth, for human being the first woman since 5000. The United States into another era. Also is bound to bring the rise of bisexual dating sites. , if a woman does not love you, what is your superwoman. Bi is the outstanding human sound perfect high-energy, single bisexual intolerance is the imperfect imbecile. Human erect bisexual good banner, support good human superwoman, Hillary Clinton became President of the United States.

Bisexual Hillary Clinton as the President of the United States will create a new era, human bisexual women are the true woman. Hillary Clinton is an era of pioneering icon. The future society level, the lowest is a man, because of the reason of machine competition, man is more and more useless. To is a woman, is mainly engaged in to breed tools, is a bisexual man on again, again is bisexual women, because it is a society, women's rights to be bisexual people, bisexual people both male and female. Why women's social status is high, because in addition to the cause of the machine, the disintegration of marriage the abolition of the family, children don't know who was his father, society will be matriarchal society, man's social status and decline. Plus sex porn, men die earlier. People wear old elders more for women. Man power is weak. The three causes the future society must be a women's rights. So the highest position in the future society is a baby bisexual people. Support the bisexual Hillary as President.