Saturday, October 10, 2015

The famous gay or bisexual people

Roberta Achtenberg, America's politicians
Edward Albee, the American playwright (masterpiece "Who 's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?").
Alexander the Great
Reinaldo Arenas, Cuban poet, writer
John Ashbery, American poet
W. h. Auden, British poet
Augustus Caesar
James Baldwin, American writer
Alan Ball, playwright (American Beauty, "Six Feet Under")
Samuel Barber, American composer
Clive Barker, writer, director, artists, was known for its horror films
Michael Barrymore, British comedy actor
Roland Barthes, French literature theorists
Katharine Lee Bates, "America the Beautiful", the author of [1]
Billy Bean, a former Florida Marlins baseball pitcher, released shortly after declaring himself gay
Amanda Bearse, American actor (" I... with Children "), the director
Alison Bechdel, American cartoonist (Dykes to Watch Out For)
Sandra Bernhard, American comedy actor, singer, writer and actor
Leonard Bernstein, the composer and conductor
Mark Bingham, united airlines 93 passengers
Ross Bleckner, American artists
Chastity Bono, the activist, Sonny and Cher Bono's daughter
Michel, Marc Bouchard, Canadian playwright (Les feluettes)
David Bowie, British bisexual love song hand, Iman husband
Karin Boye, Swedish poet and novelist
Its Bradford, American musicians, actors and human rights activists
Scott Brison, members of congress, Canada
Benjamin Britten, British composer
Lady Bunny, drag the performer
William s. Burroughs, American Beat writer (Naked Lunch, get up-to - the-minute)
Truman Capote, American writer
And Nell Carter, Tony award winner, singer and actor (" difference Me a Break ")
Luis Cernuda, Spanish dramatist
Graham Chapman, British comedy actor
Richard Chamberlain, American actor
Montgomery Clift, American actor
Kate Clinton, the American comedian
Jean Cocteau, French director and artist, lover of Jean Marais
Aaron Copland, American composer, documented in Howard Pollack 's biography, Aaron Copland: The Life and The Work of an Uncommon Man
Quentin Crisp, the British actor and wit
Alan Cumming, Scottish actor
Michael Cunningham, American writer
A serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, the United States
Libby Davies, members of congress, Canada
Ellen Degeneres, writer, comedian and actor
Bertrand Delano, mayor of Paris
Divine, actor and transgender performer
Samuel Delany, science fiction writer
Lea Delaria, American comedian, jazz singer, writer
Ani DiFranco, American country singer
Hilton Edwards, actors, co - the founders of Dublin 's Gate Theatre, partner of sampling MacLiammoir
Melissa Etheridge, American singer and musician, composer
Kenny Everett, British DJ and comic
Rupert Everett, British actor
Harvey Fierstein, American actor, playwright (Torch Song Trilogy)
E. m. Forster, British writer
The Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch conservative politicians
Michel Foucault, French scholar
Samantha Fox, the British model and one time the pop singer
Barney Frank (D, MA), Representative of the United States
Stephen Fry, British actor, comedian, as well as a novelist
David Geffen, music producer and record executive
Jean Genet, French writer
Chrissy Gephardt, 2004 presidential candidate Dick Gephardt's daughter
Boy George, British musicians
Andre Gide, French novelist and Nobel laureates
Candace Gingrich, activist and former house speaker Newt Gingrich's sister (half - sister)
Allen Ginsberg, American avant-garde poets (masterpiece "Howl" "Howl")
Gorgidas, Theban he was leader of the which band of elite troops of paired gay lovers.
Juan Goytisolo, Spanish writer
Judy Grahn, American poet
Gustav Grundgens, German actor and stage director
Rob Halford is, British singer (Judas these)
Marc Hall, Canadian students and activists
Vincent Hanley, Irish radio DJ who died of an AIDS - related illness
Lou Harrison, American composer
Richard Hatch, "survivors" winners
Nigel Hawthorne, British actor
Harry Hay, gay rights activists in the United States, Mattachine Society founder
Anne Heche, American bisexual people
Sighsten Herrg 錼 d, designer, trendsetter. Became the face of AIDS in Sweden.
A. e. Housman, British poet
Rock Hudson, American actor
Christopher Isherwood, British novelist
Tony Jackson, American pianist and composer
King James I of England [2] the UK
Joan Jett, lesbian singer
Elton John, the British singer, musician, composer
The architect Philip Johnson, the United States
Actress Angelina Jolie, the United States
Mychal f. Judge, Franciscan priest, world trade center victims of terrorist attacks
Julius Caesar
Pope Julius II Pope
John Maynard Keynes, the British economist, winner of the Nobel economist
Billie Jean King, tennis player
James Kirkwood, American playwright (A Chorus Line)
David Kopay, American football player, in his autobiography, out of the ark
Nathan Lane, American actor and singer
K.d. lang, Canada and the country, having the blues singer (country and blues), musicians
Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance artists
Hedda Lettuce, drag the performer
Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States
Jose Lezama Lima, Cuban poet
Liberace, American musician
Federico Garcia Lorca, Spanish poet and playwright, was killed in the Spanish civil war
Audre Lorde, poet, writer
Greg Louganis, the United States Olympic diving athletes
Michael MacLiammoir actors and Dublin 's Gate cofounder of Theatre
Thomas Mann, German writer
Robert Mapplethorpe, American artists
Jean Marais, French actors, Jean Cocteau's lover
Christopher Marlowe, Elizabethan dramatists
Armistead Maupin, American writer (Tales of the City)
Ian McKellen, British actor (X - Men, The Lord of The Rings)
Members of congress Real Menard, Canada
Gian Carlo Menotti, American composer
Freddie Mercury, British band "Queen" (the Queen) singer
The British singer George Michael
John Nash, the American economist, Nobel Prize laureate in economics
Alan Turing, the British mathematician and computer scientist and theorist
The Vector, pure love famous BBS rookie ID
Oscar Wilde, British writer in the 19th century