Sunday, October 11, 2015

The first U.S. degeneration model agency

As Andreja Pejic, Hari Nef and Lea T degeneration supermodel eagerly anticipates the fashion models, the first U.S. degeneration model agency began to take root in Los Angeles. The company called apple model agency, in fact, early in his hometown in Bangkok, it has been a huge success. Apple model agency favors only degeneration model to the men and women, now, it will look on the American market, try to get a record.

Director of the Los Angeles area Cecilio Asuncion hope to like Thailand, the social environment for transgender open tolerant attitude. He told Mashable said: "the Thai buddhist culture makes people more willing to forgive and tolerance transgender, but now America's attitude to transgender people are slowly improving." When Asuncion in explaining chose Los Angeles as the first choice for their foreign open a shop, he said that the Los Angeles both fashionable breath and commercial viability.

"We pursue different gender equality... fashion on the job has a lot to a piece of the market, why can't a transgender involved?" Los Angeles branch has signed six models, also more fashion talents in mining. Transgender model agency and to the requirement of model whose traditional model agency is not, the girl 5.5 feet (1.77 meters), the boy 6 feet (1.83 meters).

Asuncion recently made and issued a documentary (What 's the T?) Is about five transgender women face the challenges in our daily life. Asuncion hope to have more people understand and pay attention to the life state of the transgender community.

He said: "it is time for gay people, bisexual people and transgendered people to unite and help each other, the whole social fashion in slowly changing, we really want to cultivate the best models."