Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The most obvious animal top 10 bisexual tendency

1 bonobos bisexual
 As the most close relative species, human bonobos in sexual pursuit was not a bit shy. The peaceful animals are almost always bisexual, they are the principles of conflict resolution, "want to make love, not war". Their mating frequency is very high, and mating a unscrupulous cries, mating between gay. About two-thirds of gay sex between females.

2 the monkey
Female macaques seem more easily combine closely related to a pair of, and is a monogamous relationship, in a certain period of a female macaques with only one partner. In a breeding period, however, a female may be successively with only gay sex partners. Male macaques have homosexual phenomenon, but they will leave each other after mating, just like a one night stand of human society.

3 the giraffe
The giraffe is also a kind of common gay animals. Before mating, the two males will begin his long neck with each other by intimate action. This love behavior sometimes lasts for one hour. Related studies show that one in 20 giraffe to same-sex said this kind of intimacy. In many cases, the giraffe's homosexual ACTS more common than heterosexual.

4 bottlenose dolphins
Mating with different for bottlenose dolphins, gay to mate with females is almost the same frequency. Male bottlenose dolphins are usually bisexual, but they all go through gay period.

5 the bison
Gay phenomenon is very common in the male bison, even gay males to mate more common than females, mainly because the females and males to mate only once a year. In the mating season, males to mate with several times a day sometimes. About 55% of the young male had gay sex experience.

6 antelope
In the breeding season, some female antelope will mate with several times an hour. In the wild, about 9% of the animal homosexuality exists. In courtship, suitors snuck up behind gay, then lift the front feet, to other females clamp body, started mating foreplay.

7 the swan
In the mating period each year, about 20% of the swan couple is composed of homosexuality. About a quarter of the swan family, a gay couple even will remain for many years. Sometimes, a pair of male looking for a female to mate. After the females lay eggs, the gay father swan will be away, and then their eggs. Also, they direct occupation of swan nest, then adopt the offspring of the swan.

8 walrus
Male walrus until will reach sexual maturity at the age of four. Before this, they only know gay dating. Slightly older male walrus is typical of bisexual animal, they are in addition to mate with females in the breeding period and, in any time of year and gay sex. They hugged each other in the water, the abdomen in rubbing against each other, even when sleeping together.

9 grey whale
Is very common in the whale world, gay. In a group, sometimes as many as five male grey whale together, each other against the abdomen, in order to reach their genitals.

10 Guyana rock chicken
This colorful bird feathers, particularly keen on the male homosexuality. About 40% of the male Guyana rock chicken have gay, even some male Guyana rock chicken life has never been to mate with the opposite sex.